Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

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Dear Jose,

May I kindly ask you to provide me with the email address that is associated with your Wirex account via private message?

Thank you in advance!

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Dear @wladymix, I can completely understand how unhappy you are because of this situation and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please note that such cases are not processed by the support team directly. Such cases are always processed by our relevant team and I can state for sure that they will contact you as soon as possible.
Please note that I have already escalated your case and our relevant team will process it with the highest priority available.

Best regards!

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Hello @Lesaurus, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

I have checked and escalated your case to our relevant department and I can confirm that it will be processed as soon as possible. I have also updated you via the ticket, could you please take a look?

Warm regards.

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Dear Nils, I am sincerely sorry your issue is still not resolved.

I have checked your case and I can confirm that it is still being processed by the relevant team. I have escalated it to the highest priority and I can state for sure you will be updated via the support ticket as soon as possible.

Best regards.

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Mi dirección de correo asociada a wirex es

Un saludo,

José María Ruiz Santos

Req 1633367
What you mean “as soon as possible “? You need just make SEPA transfer and second week can’t do that or write to me what is a time frame for this operation!! Witex use my money 10006€ more 4 months now - why you make a business like a scammers ???
Write to me WHEN your company RETURN MY MONEY?
Also what support ticket you mean ?! I want refund of my funds and you can’t do that from 09/01/2021!!!

Dear Leo,

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any additional details until we have a response from the relevant team that is processing the case.

As we have mentioned before, such cases are not processed by the support team directly. Therefore, the support team is unable to unblock or close the account, so we kindly ask you to wait for an update from the relevant department.

Thank you in advanced!

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Dear Alexandre,

As it was already mentioned - the security policy does not allow revealing private keys to anyone and we have no access to the keys.

Ward Regards!

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I want to change my number in my account. My old number is not Available . Let me know how can i change it.

I have the same problem…my old number is not available. I cab not update my number? Where is wirex support? Do they have support line?

Hello @Javademami, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have just sent you an update via the ticket. Could you please check your mailbox?

Best Regards!

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@Anastasiia_Wirex thanks I see in the request your message about escalating, but still not have receive any update, even someone confirming the work on this issue.
I see there is a Jira link which I have no access (Wirex team only probably).

Please get someone answering to the request.

Dear @Prosper10,

Kindly be informed that this error can only occur when you are entering the wrong password. Please note that we’ve also sent you an update via ticket.

It’s highly recommended to delete your previous post as it contains your personal information. Please note that the community forum is a public page and this is not secure to post your personal details in the topic.

We appreciate your understanding!

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It was your team who reset my password without telling me…

Dear Anastasiia,

I’m a security engineer, so I know how security policy works.
I’m also a long term customer of Wirex and I invest in your crowdfunding.

I know there is a way to have the decrypted private key, I’ve seen that with Bitgo.
I know it is possible to make exception to the security policy.

I have more than $17k to get back, so I really need it, or you do it for me.
Now, you just say that you can help but you won’t due to the security policy.

So, what I’m asking you is to ask for a exception, work together to get the private key, get back my money and everything will be fine.

As I said, it involves a lot of money, so I’m pretty sure an exception is possible

Looked at it and it has the same standard reply like all the others are getting: “This case has been escalated to our relevant team. Also, I have sent you an update via the ticket, please take a look”. The “update” is that you sent an email. Nice.

Also how come “VerticalTrading” is liking your replies every time? I see him “liking” all your replies. Is that to make you look good? I don’t understand why anyone would like your standard replies each time unless it’s to satisfy your score.
I do not intend to wait as long as your other victims. I assume the money has been taken and will take further steps unless I have full access to my account again within 24 hours. Based on Wirex (bad) trustpilot reviews I see Replevin Law Group has some good results against you. We’ll be in touch.



Dear @shorax,

I have sent you an update via the ticket and have also forwarded this to our relevant team. We will keep you updated via the ticket.

Best regards!

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Dear Marcin,

According to my check, you were updated via the ticket today, could you please check? Kindly note that further updates will be posted as soon as possible - once we have any information for you on this matter.

Best regards!

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Dear Tobias, thank you for your response!

I am glad to hear that the issue is resolved.

Have a nice day!

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