Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

Hi wirex, can anyone please help me. my account has been blocked for over a month with funds on. Wirex keeps rejecting my Vertification and with no reasonI keep creating the support tickets but they are suppressed as resolved- very no hope!!! I have no other place to get support from. Please

Hello Fiona, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number?
Also, I would like to ask you to avoid flooding with messages as this is a violation of the Community Forum rules.


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Yes please. The 5th time submission ticket is # 92895. Please help and review my submission exactly which I have told upon the guidelines

Hello @Anastasiia_Wirex !

Any update on ticket no: 64038 ?


Hi how come I can not load money from my card got declined twice small amount only are you having technical problems, and live chat no body replying

Good afternoon,

I’m still waiting for my technical problem to be addressed. The ticket number was raised on the 20th December 2020 - Ticket Number 1818320

Also, can you clarify when i’ll receive my mastercard after todays announcement in regard to the Visa card.



Hi, ticket 93062 has not been solved yet. My transfer to my btc wallet is still shown as ‘pending’ and it has been 2 days it has been stuck on this status. can you please be kind enough to help me?

I got your email. What i understood is that i should take selfie and send it to you? Which email adress should i send documents?


My card was closed months ago as I was not using my card. I also had misplaced my card as I was not using it. However on the 4th Jan I decided to use my account and I topped up my wirex account £150 via a bank transfer from my other bank card. The funds are showing on my Wirex however not available to use in my GBP wallet. When I go to my cards it shows the funds in there however the card is closed. I have also tried to transfer the funds from the card into the GBP account, however it is still pending… Furthermore I have called lost or stolen and explained I have misplaced my card and today I have received a new one. This card is not showing on my account. Could you please help me resolve these issues. I have went through support and have had not reply for days now…
my ticket number is 94203

Thanks, Deen

Still no money come on !!!

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Support Ticket - 92758

Hi, I have submitted all requested documentations on 8 Jan, but the account verification still has not yet been completed, and I was asked daily via email and notifications to verify my account. Not satisfied with the experience and thus has requested to withdraw the application, and to have all my personal data deleted.

Please assist, thanks.


My transfer from wirex GBP account failed with a message “contact support”. I’m unable to get a support ticket raised have tried in-app and twitter.

How can I get this resolved ?


Hi @Joseruiz,

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!

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Hi, I can’t choose Transfer Type when I want to send funds (EUR). Anyone alse with this problem? The Transfer Type page loads just for a second and then, on top of it, another page opens, asking for phone number, or mail, or pseudonym. But it doesn’t let me choose the type of transfer I want to make, whether a bank transfer or a crypto transfer. (I click Account, Send, and then this fake page appears.) It’s a Spanish account. Does anyone alse have this problem? Can you help? Thank you.

Hi @Rub1Rex163,

Could you please let me know your support ticket number?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Nils,

Please be informed that our relevant team continuously working on this matter in order to satisfy your demand and provide you with proper insight and solution.

Thank you for understanding!

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Hi @Patrick_Deiber,

Please be advised that the relevant team is looking into your case. We will contact you once there is an update.

Sorry for the delay.

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They won’t solve your issue. All they do is reply and tell you they will deal with it by sending you silly automated emails. Sorry to hear about your sister man

Not a bad idea to be fair. Who has actually spoken to the financial ombudsman about Wirex? I was informed by a lawyer that this could be a possible solution. It’s clear Wirex are criminals!

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Hi @Prosper10,

I have just sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.


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