Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

My support ticket: 1522990

I didn’t get any feedback on this ticket. My account is locked due to the verification blocked and can no longer submit the correct information and document again. I need to unlock my account to carry on the account verification please.

Hi Joe, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

I have escalated your case to our Verification team, they will update you via the ticket shortly.

Best regards!

Hello yan

Hello yan i need help

Hello Nico,

Could you please clarify your request?
I will be glad to help you.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi. I want to ask if I received a transfer from another bank within Europe or U.K. how long will it take to reflect because I’ve been waiting for two days now.

Hi Ajiere, I am sincerely sorry you are facing such a delay.

Usually, bank transfers are processed within up to a few business days, however, on the route, there might be additional checks banks may apply due to regulatory requirements, these checks may affect the timing for the transfer to reach the recipient and this may lead for the slight delays.

We will forward the documents provided in the ticket to our banking partner for further investigation. You will be updated via your support ticket as soon as possible.

Warm regards!

But does this happen all the time because I have lost money within a space of 1 week all because of checks and I’ve not received anything. Please I need this money to travel and if I don’t book my ticket by tomorrow I’m doomed.

Dear Faithful, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation.

Let me kindly inform you that I have updated you via the support ticket. Please, check your mailbox.
Please note that due to security and privacy reasons we cannot provide any personal/transaction details via this public forum.

Warm regards.

How long is this gonna continue? Just tell me if I can’t receive money again? I’m supposed to travel and I can’t. What’s actually holding the money? Since on the 21st? This is bad and poor service. After this money comes out I’m done with wirex.

Dear Faithful, please, accept my apologies for such a delayed resolution of this case.

I have just escalated this case to our relevant department one more time. Let me kindly inform you that I will update you via the ticket shortly.

Warm regards.

Hi. Good morning. Please what’s the delay now? I’m tired of all these. If I can’t receive money from within U.K. or Europe then what’s the need of an Iban or swift?

Hi Ajiere, I am sincerely sorry your issue is still not resolved.

I have checked your case and I can confirm that it is still being processed by the relevant team. I have escalated it to the highest priority and I can state for sure you will be updated via the support ticket as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Hi. Please what can I do because this is taking too long.
Thank you

Dear Ajiere, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed response.

According to our records, this case is currently being checked by the relevant team. They have informed us that they will contact you as soon as possible.

Warm regards.

Can you please check my request
Your request (1655743)

Here if you need more help. My life’s on the line. Please.

Hello Sandy, thank you for your request.

I have just updated you via the ticket. Let me kindly ask you to provide me with a response so that I could assist you further.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Ajiere,

Please be informed that our Finances Department is still working on your case and you will be updated via the support ticket once we have any news.

Warm regards!

This is the screenshot of the pending transfer.