#SUPPORT Live Thread

Hi Ali, ticket(931769) please assist… Cannot log in… Forgot the password. Thank you

Hi Wirex support team! Could you progress ticket reference 931785 and credit my Wirex account with the third payment I made on Friday 5th July please? The first and second payments are already credited to my Wirex account. Thank you very much.

What is going on I’ve been using wirex for over a year i was verified a year ago I have all my funds in wire I’ve just tried accsessing my account and I’m being asked to verify my account I’ve tried to verify and it is saying i can’t be verified i need access to my funds today

Dear all.
After trying to exchange 0.015BTC to EUR I was diverted to verification window within Wirex App. I did complete it 1 year ago and I guess it needs to be done again. Correct documents were uploaded but I am still not able to use your services. Could you please follow up ticket 936030 and help me out to continue using your services.
Best regards.

I try to send money to another IBAN, but the SEND button is disabled ?
Can you look into 934773?


It’s been 17 days I deposited £5000. It’s still not been shown on my account. I have been messed around by the incompetence of Wirex.

I need a response to my ticket 916763 urgently.

I cleared everything with my wife’s local bank there is no hold from there end. Just the utter sluggish progress of Wirex has really opened my eyes.

I expect a response now!

Hi is this support actually working i am a customer extremely concerned i done a bank transfer using the fast transfer to my bank account, had money in my account. it is saying declined and now no funds showing and it was for over £2500 this was an extremely important issue i need sorting asap, my account is not even showing this balance now and i want to know why???

@Ali_Wirex Can you please check 934773?
I need to make an urgent transfer!

Does anybody now when it will be possible to do banktransfers again?

hello, thanks for your help, i finally received my card.

Hi there,

I have sent numerous emails to support, even opened a second ticket with a different caption and still no reply and it’s a very urgent matter.

My card has gone into a negative balance for no reason whatsoever and I need it fixed so I can actually use my card.

And to make matters worse I am traveling on vacation and all my hotel bookings were done with my card.

Please, please assist.

My two ticket numbers are below:-


Looking forward to hearing from you soon please.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there,

I have sent this over to the team. Thank you

Ticket no. 930292 opened on 6th of July ,
Hi , why is my Card –€198,06 ??? without reason ?
Today on 12th of July it is -199,26€ why ? I don´t see any transaction , what´s happening ?

Hi there,

Thank you very much.

Hopefully this can be resolved today/tomorrow max please.

Thank you.

I have 2 separate issues which is why I have 2 tickets. The first is my transactions for my btc being recieved and sent are not showing on my recent activity on my account. The second ticket is regarding the transfer I requested to my Starling account and it was declined however the money was not returned to my GBP wallet or sent to my account. Please help me resolve these issues. The 2 ticket numbers are as follows:

Hi there Jack, I have sent this off to the support team for you. They will contact you directly via your email. So sorry you are experiencing this. Keep me post if you need me to chase this again for you. Thank you

Hi Ali,

There is still no response or change on the below.

Please can you push them to resolve…?

Thank you.

yes of course. I will chase this again for you right now with the team.

Thank you very much.

959570 . Transfer failed but my money gone.please help!is there anyone who had this issue and solve it cause it seems not!