#SUPPORT Live Thread


I’m sorry to hear that. I just noticed your support ticket in a post above. I will chase this up for you right now.

Thank you.


I will chase this up for you. Thank you.


It was resolved quickly once I contacted your team on Facebook messenger, thanks.


Ok glad to hear it! If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you.


Podobna sytuacja wirex jest jak loteria działa niedziela strach używać


opened a Wirex account yesterday 25th November 2018
verified ID successfully with UK driving licence and selfie
i wanted to buy and transfer 400 XRP.
i deposited GPB 110 to currency account successfully
and then also bought 400 XRP,
i tried to transfer 399.99 XRP to my wallet and immediately i got locked out of wirex.
it says my account is blocked. and contact support.
you now have over GBP 200 of my money locked up
i submitted 2 support tickets during the say yesterday … no replies … look please
support tickets 551907 and 551960


Account unavailable. I can not create tickect. ¿ How else can I contact you?. I send new ticket now and first time I receive ticket number, 562881


Do you receive support?? Thanks


Thank you for sending this over. I will chase this up with the team right now. They will be in touch with you directly via your email.


Hi there
I have been waiting 2 days for customer support to get back to me.
I can not access my wirex account, when I try to login it reads…
Sorry your account is currently unavailable. Please contact customer Support.
What is going on?


I’m so sorry to hear that. Please do you have a support ticket for this? If yes, can I get the 6-digit reference number so that I can immediately chase this up with the team. Thank you so much.


My reference number is 562363
Thank you


Thank you so much for send this over. I will chase this up right now for you with the support team. They should be in touch with you directly via email. But feel free to chase it up with me again on here.


I have a question relating to fees:

You distinguish between purchasing fees and FX conversion fees. For an account in Euros, you charge 3% fee for purchases. Foreign Exchange fees are also 3%.

My question: are these fees cumulative, i.e. if I use my Euros based card in Switzerland for a Swiss Franc purchase, I pay a total of 6% of fees?

Thanks for clarifying this.


Hello, there’s an error with my account since the memorable word was installed. No matter what word i try setup it does not accept it and i get an error: “action cannot be completed” this all happens after i enter my username and password but i cannot access my account by app or website as a result


Hi I cant login to my account. It says that my account is unavailable. my ticket number is 566444


Ticket 562654
Why I must be paiy for your system error???
Hello, you remove from my account without my authorizarion 375.35€ with transaction ID


Please, transfer back my money. I only authorize a withdarwall of 0.115 BTC, if your system have problem with that really im sorry but I don must be pay for that.
I dont have taht money because was not send to my wallet. I diont know the owner of the wallet for ask about this.

Is your system that must be track the money and dont take it from my account without my authorization.

I will publish all chats on social network for advise to wirex client what kind of company you are. The memberes must be pay for your mistakes, is not fair. Plau, I still talking with my legal advisor regarding this problem.

I understand that the money is small for your big company but is a lot for me.




Hi there, are you still experiencing this? Have you created a support ticket for this issue?


I’m so sorry to hear that. I will chase this up for you right now. Thank you.


Hi i have problems access to my account since i changed phone because i don’t remember the “f***” magic word… 3 mails to support nothing happened, open a new account “refused” sent another mail nothing happens, is there a way to be helped solving this problem without going crazy in contacting the “support” Thank you