#SUPPORT Live Thread


Hallo ,
ich habe vorgestern eine Anfrage wegen einem Problem beim einloggen eingereicht die Ticketnummer ist 572565 Bitte um dringende Hilfe ich komme nicht mehr in mein Konto rein.
Wäre schon wenn das schnell behoben werden kann spätestens bis zum 30.12.18
Vielen Dank und schöne Feiertage


My ticket number: 574014. Please check


I cant activate my card… it says that the expiry date I have entered does not match with the card… Which is wrong because I have double checked everything.

Ticket is 575339


Hi. support ticket 568489 has not been responded or dealt with since Friday 14th December. In have been blocked from my account during this period. Can someone please help?


Hi !
First, merry Christmas everybody :smiley:

Can you check 2 issues for me ? :stuck_out_tongue:
When can we transfert EUR to Wirex plastic card with my VISA Card?
Request : #579787

Can you unblock my account ?
Request : #579791

Thank you !


Hi where can i get a support ticket? my account has been blocked bc I entered my memorial word wrong too many times.
can someone help please?





Send me a support ticket. After this I’m done. After using, supporting and promoting you for years I’ve had enough.


Wirex has gone way too far with their paranoid security approach. How many layers do you want? If you make the system unusable by the legit user then something has gone wrong. I was hit with this memorable word question at a busy time and the fact where was a hint wasn’t obvious didn’t help. The disruption you cause with this is terrible. Don’t you realize some users are busy at the moment they need access to their funds. Endless capthas and device confirmations… you’ve gone completely over the top.


Ticket 587975

i am waiting 40h for my missing BTC transaction.

I wrote multiple threads, connected on discord wrote on Facebook, was promised everything… and still NOTHING.

40h+ waiting for being able to use my funds - and i get told " its complicated" " we will sort it out asap" <---- this was 6h ago…

For the last 2 dys it was extremly frustrating but by now its just getting ridicioulus…

I urently need this transaction, im constantly on the pc, writing, trying to do sth, but the support team is probably laughing their asses off…


Ticket no,.


failed BTC-GBP trx,. this is urgent and i cannot access my funds,. ,please advise!>?


Why is your support so poor?

You never answer tickets , :frowning:


Thanks for sending this over. I will chase this up with the support team right now if this hasn’t been solved yet.


Hi… I’m interesting in joining Wirex, but first, would like to know what their GBP-EUR exchange rate is like. Please can someone tell me what the current in-app rate is? Thanks! :smiley:


I have problem to log in on my account.
(Sorry, your account is currently unavailable. Please contact Customer Support.)
Please check my support ticket number 598379.
Best regards


I will send this over to the support team now. They should be in touch with you directly.


Hi. I can not log in to my account. I am using a google email. I am using 2factor google authenticator. I have NOT forgotten my password. My plastic Euro card no longer works. I tried logging in via app on Android and on my laptop. I can not even log in to this community page, and had to create a new account. my user name/ email on the affected account is divyendu58@googlemail.com. I have NOT recently lost my phone or laptop.

What is going on? Can 2factor be by-passed by hackers?


Hi there, Have you created a support ticket for this? If yes, can I get the 6-digit reference number so that I can chase it up with the team? If not, you can will one out here…

Thank you


Is this not the place for support tickets?