#SUPPORT Live Thread


Salut Adrian,
dupa nume imi dau seama ca esti Ro
spune-mi te rog daca ti s-a rezolvat problema mai sus mentionata?


You can simply reset your password by tapping on the “forgot my password” link in-app. Follow the instructions and you should be back online in no time. Thank you so much and my sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Hi there, what is this in regards to?



To my ticket ID …

I received an email that my account password has been reset by your system and I need to contact support however i changed it some days ago already and I had to resubmit the memorable word as per request and I need access to the account for the weekend …


Has this now been resolved for you?


My ticket: 603409

I have been logging into my account daily and suddenly last night I got an error saying my login details is not recognised. I then went through the process to change my password but it still says it does not recognise my details. Please help


Received email to reset password and memo name. Now lock out of my account. Asked to contact support Please advice ticket (607292)


Hello annas, my ticket: 605913
I have the same issue. Got an email yesterday with the subject: “Your password has been reset” (see text of the email below). Now I am locked out of my account. In the email I am asked to open a support ticket. The ticket is now open for more than 12 hours. There seems to be no other way to reset the password. This really sucks!

Hi MyName,

The integrity of your personal information and funds is of paramount importance to us. As such, you may be asked to reset your password or memorable word in order to access the Wirex app. The reasons for this are, including but limited: ● Our internal security system has deemed your password or memorable word insufficiently secure
● Your account has been inactive for the last 90 days
● You have not updated your password in the last 90 days
Rest assured that your funds are safe. What to do next To reset your password and/or memorable word, all you need to get in touch with our Support Team by opening a ticket [here].Kind regards,
The Wirex Team


I have the same trouble. I received an email that my account password has been reset by your system and I need to contact support. I need access to my money today, please!
Request Nr: 610514


I have the same problem re password reset.
My account is now locked.
Ticket number 610395


Got logged out yesterday and cant login anymore since wirex rejects my 2FA Codes.

Ticket: 611286


Gss I could solve it by myself


Hello Ticket Nr. 611188, Login Problems, need to log in today and can not


Same incredible happening!
Account blocked by thin air.
Ticket 606992 opened yesterday and still no answer…


Hello all,

Due to new security protocols, you may be asked to reset your password/memorable word.

To reset your Password:

:point_right: Head to your Wirex App
:point_right: ‘Forgot Password’
:point_right: ‘Send Recovery Link’.

You should receive an email to your email address linked to your Wirex account with further instructions to reset. Thank you for your patience.

Please rest assured, your accounts and funds are safe.

Thank you.


Hi there I will chase this with the team. Thank you


As instructed, I selected “Send Recovery Link”, but did not receive any email…
Ticket 606992 opened.


Ok Maria thank you. I will chase this with the team right now.


I will chase this up with the team now. Thank you.


I will chase this up with the team now. Thank you so much.