#SUPPORT Live Thread


Hi there, you can reset your password yourself by tapping on the “forgot my password” and then follow the instructions. Please bear in mind that you will need your memorable word. It is case sensitive. The memorable word is the unique word you created back in November. After you enter it successfully you should have access to your account.

Thank you and please let me know how it goes.


After I do this, i become a message in the App " For reset your password please contact Support"

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Ok I see. I will chase up your ticket for you now. Thank you.


3 days now struggling to access my account. Lock out, cant get hold of support to unblock and reset my memorable word as only they can do this. Lost of word now. Ticket 607292


Hi - 618611 ticket.
The system automatically locked me out saying I haven’t changed my password for 90 days. No there is no way to change the password!
On the website when I ask for a password reset link it doesn’t work. On the app you click support and wait hours and get no response.
This is supposed to be a new generation of service where you have control of your money. I actually have no control over my money with you.
Please can someone get back to me and allow me to access my money asap!


Thank you for your patience on this matter. I will chase this up with the support team right now.


Hi Nicolas, Please can you try the password link one more time, it should work now. Here it is… https://app.wirexapp.com/forgot-password

If it doesn’t please let me know and I will then chase up your ticket for you. Thanks so much.


Thank-you. Can you please send me a link for how to cancel my card?


Hy… I cant reset my password… my account got blocked (ticket 610327).


619359 ticket please unblock immediately


(611398) 2 days still unable to login , password reset link says account unavailable contact support,. For gods sake wirex will someone please help me!!

Wirex support just emailed me asking for image of me holding my documents for verification , ive sent 2 images ,. Now awaiting reply i really hope im not waiting too long,. Im very unhappy about this .


Has this now been resolved for you?


Hi there. Has this been solved?


Hi there. Has this now been sorted for you? Please let me know either way. Thank you.


yes its working again ty…

best regards


all resolved thankyou …


(604831) 4 day`s with no working account , 2 days and still waiting a reset password link or some answer after i send what you ask , last 2 transaction details and my date of birth

P.S. i solve this , so , nobody dont told me i can reset password without memorable word, because 2 days ago i cant do that , and i dont have setup yet a memorable word, thanks anyway !


After your intervention I successfully changed the password. This was two days ago. So it’s OK.


Hello. i have been logged-out and can’t log back in - request (626659)


Hi Luka, Has this now been resolved for you or not yet. If not, please let me know and I will chase this up for you with the team.

Thank you