#SUPPORT Live Thread


Yes its resolved. after a couple of hours i was able to reset my password


Hi. I can’t login into my account, I tried to reset my password then it wouldn’t accept my memorable word… It just said “account blocked” and I didn’t get an answer from support team. Ticket number 631226


Has your problem been resolved?


Im waiting over 30+ days for your tech team to resolve my issue…A deposit from 22th of december still pending to be deposit…I have contacted you several times but always the same reply.



no answer since 31.01.2019 - 3 times requested…


I wrote more than 8 times, because i want add my housename to the adress for order the creditcard, i am waiting more than 2 weeks. Ticket (650930) Without the name from the house i cant receive Post. Also i will add the state


Support is a myth, meant to be 24/7 it’s far from that


I’m having similar problems, reset my password and when I input 2fa it keeps saying incorrect!! How can copy and paste be incorrect, not happy at all, you get no response from support who claim to be 24/7 that’s laughable


Wow same issue I’m having, this service is shocking and here’s me recommending it to people like a fool


Whats going on guys with transactions and exchange inside the app!!! Bitcoin sent but transaction is not in the blockchain yet???


Any customer support here? Should we stop using your app??? Because you guys are doing shitty right now!!! Where is Support? What’s going on with transaction exchange? Any comments???


id 652358 3 days ago missing funds after failed exchange .still no answer
Solved .The missing funds are back .


I have 2 Urgent issues
659512 - cant exchange into any crypto
659553 - card is blocked ( probably my own dumb brain entering cvv of other CC )


I have same issue:
659625 - cant exchange into crypto


hi can i make my verify id here?(669820)

thank you