#SUPPORT Live Thread


Has this now been resolved for you?


Hi there Jan, I will chase this up with the team. So sorry in the delay. Thank you.


Hi there, has this been resolved for you Roberto? Please let me know either way. Thank you so much.


No,its not been resolved
I’m waiting two month with blocked account…please help.


Hello Team,

is it possible to work with them ?
especially if you develop a few future-oriented methods of the payable yourself. of it a few of them can be integrated simply&perfectly with you




So I made my first exchange last week, BTC to EUR. Now I want to send those EUR to my bankaccount, but the option “Send” is greyed out in my Wirex account. So what do I need to do to send that amount via banktransfer? Or am I doing something wrong?




Exchange from crypto to euro it’s not work, please help.

Thank you!


I Don have an Support Ticket because the Ticket6 from last week is not answered and it is not Posible to reach the Support at the Moment.

But the WireX App is again not working (what a Suprise). Today a wanted to pay whit WireX, if i started the App i got a Messeg that the Eur-Exchange is diabled. Why your costumers got no Email for this?
I had to go to my Bank for Pay. Late i tryed to use the App again and the App chrashes (again and aigain).
After a Hour the App was Starting in i Saw that all Wallets are empty (even the Eur account).

Dear WireX, you are Working whit the Money of your costumers and your costumers are Paying for your Service. What you are doing is simply a shame. freqently the App is not Working, the not Informations and the Support dose not Answer. If WireX is not Able to solve this Problems i will change to another Service und i will report this Fucking Shit to VISA. I think VISA will not be very amused about what you are doing whit the Name “VISA”. I think for your Licens you have to hold some standards from Visa or Not?


Hello, i am not from the Support but if you are Waiting for the Support you will be a old Man.

So far i knew the Transfer from your WireX - Account to Bank is not posible.
Only from Bank to Wirex.

But maybe i am Wrong.


this is from the WireX Facebook Page.
I tryed to reach the Support because the app is completly damaged right now.
But i think the Support is not Back from Weekend.


Got same issue, app keeps crashing, seriously… Not sure I will keep my cryptos there anymore…


This was when we disabled the EUR exchange. I’m so sorry for this. We are currently working on this as we speak. Please keep a look out for our updates on our social media platforms.



For transparency, due to the new integration of IBANs that allow for greater functionality and high limits, we have encountered unforeseen technical issues that have effected certain functions to our Exchange service.

Our Dev team are working on this to get it resolved as soon as possible. We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused and we will keep you updated. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


Convert all to btc and move to another wallet


I Will simply use a other Card in Future. WireX is not the Only, but others a working


We have Thuesday the 05.03.2019 an the App is not Working anymore!
WireX is only usable over the Web. Sorry Wirex, but i have now contacted Visa about this.
If your “Dev - Team” is not able to solve the Problems (almost every Week) the you should fire the “Dev-Team” and Hire a new one:


Total Chaos by WireX, now also the Website is broken.
And no Support over Days. Are u in GB? is this because of the Brexit?


We are so sorry that you are experiencing this. The EUR exchange will be enabled shortly. Please see this message that we’ve posted on our social channels…


:gear: Exchange from any currency and crypto accounts to EUR will resume at an est. 14:00 05/03/2019 GMT.
We sincerely apologise in the delay, but we thank you tremendously for your patience and understanding during this time.



:white_check_mark: All exchanges with EUR have been enabled. All operations are back up and running! We sincerely apologise for the extension in downtime, and thank you tremendously for your ongoing patience and understanding.


almost every Week i hear this sentence from WireX. I think enough is enough.
In Futur i will only have the Amount on WireX that i spent in time. WireX is not profesional enough. And if i take a look to the Fees for this realy unprofessional service WireX is to expensive. then another thing is the Brexit, i am not sure if WireX will work after an no-Deal-Brexit.

I found a another Service that i will use in future.

@Ali_Wirex , where and how can i Quit my account? I am not willing to Pay for WireX in the future? Maybe if the Brexit is done and Wire4X has a new (and professional) Dev-Team i would come back to WireX, but now i dont want to use it again.