#SUPPORT Live Thread


ticket #681697 still not resolved, it’s fairly urgent btw.


I have Sent all may amount on WireX and will not trafsfer new to it.
I will try revolt now, seems to be whit better support and whitout weekly technical Problems.


@Ali_Wirex , how can i Quit the WireX Account?
If i got no posibility to Qut my Account, i will simply stop paying!
Pleas send me a link where i cant quit.


I’m waiting for 5 days now already that ticket 690842 is resolved and my money is transfered back to me. After a failed exchange from BTC to EUR the money didn’t show up in any account again. I’m really tired of their support and thinking about quitting also.


After my card arrived and i activate it my account was locked after few hours for a security reason can you help me ? thanks a lot


Hello, I tried to make a SEPA transfer from my account. The transfer was declined (I double checked the IBAN and I have enough funds to make the transfer). I got the following code for contacting support: d3403565709846698247876161ede8ee
I also got a support ticket from zendesk: 700332
Can you tell me why the transfer was declined? Thank you.


Still waiting. I’m really disappointed.


I transfered Funds to my Account 5 Days ago. They are missing. I submitted a Ticket 3 Days ago, got a automated Reply and NOTHING since then. The Ticket number is 703538. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at this ASAP.

This is rather concerning for my first transaction with your Service!


My request (703864). I’m waiting for some answer that I haven’t had. My account has blocked and I cannot log in to it. I can’t get acesse to my funds.


Hi my ticket number is 703781 it has been four days now with no reply.
i made 2 attempts at adding £1,500 to my GBP wallet from my bank card and both have failed, but my bank says both payments have completed, i am now £3000.00 overdrawn !
please help.
i have tried numerous times to contact customer service but all i get is something went wrong.


Just checking in to see if this issue has now been resolved for you?
Thank you


I will chase this now with the support team. Thank you for sending your 6-digit reference number.


No, nothing has been resolved. I have yet to receive a reply from your support team. 8 days and I’m missing €1000,-.

If this is not addressed shortly I will contact my local Bank to see what can be done.

EDIT: I have just checked my EUR account details on my Smartphone and theres an Account-Number in addition to the IBAN. Why is this not the case on the Web-Interface?!!!
I have used the Information provided in the Web-Interface so I am probably missing the the Account-Number as reference!


Ticket 713529
I want to Exchange money from BTC to my Debitcard But he shows me a mistake.
GBP Exchange and EUR Exchange will be temporarily disabled until an est. 14:00 18/03/2019.
Since then it’s not working anymore. But the news says that it should go again
another problem i try to send my BTC back to another Wallet
but I do not get a confirmation mail to send the BTC


I will chase this now with the support team. Thank you


Ok thank you. I will chase this up with the support team right now for you.



my ticket has not been replied for days: (714581)

I can’t change my ETH to Euro. Happened to be before and I lost money on this, so please help me out as soon as possible.

My account shows a technical issue when making the change. Both on phone and web browser.

Thank you


Request 699048.

After contacting several times since 11th of March, by mail and by chat, nothing has been solved. It’s not possible to exchange since that date from WLO to another currency in the wallet.

The popup appears:
The amount you have entered exceeds your available balance of WLO 41442.116584 (or whatever). Please reduce the transaction amount

But the balance is 10000.00 and with a transaction for example of just 600 WLO (day limit 700)

I still can’t exchange my WLO in your wallet due to this technical problem! I am starting to lose my temper.

In the meantime, the horror scenario has also come true: WLO is now losing value and I am losing money (-17%) since I tried to exchange 11 days ago. Wirex is responsible for that!

You people of the chat desk are always kind to me, but the only answer is always: we are investigating. Meanwhile, I have been waiting for 11 days and I cannot do anything while my wallet is losing value!


I am sorry that this is the case. I always been used to be satisfied with Wirex, but the fact that I am not been able to access my WLO coins for over 10 days is a BLOODY SHAME. As a precaution, I have therefore removed all my other coins from my Wirex wallet. In my point of view, the risk is far too great that this can also happen with other currencies.

If you still cannot do anything for the moment and just staying to say “we are still investigating, like the last 11 days”, I request that you immediately book my WLO wallet empty to my EURO wallet at the current rate.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed.


I got same issue as Jonny. Except for all cryptos. Nothing can be converted to Euro, but Euro to crypto works. Tried both in app and in webpage on desktop web browser.

Support doesn’t reply to my e-mails.


I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had this experience. I will chase this immediately with the support team right now.