#SUPPORT Live Thread

I will send this over to the support team right now! The team will contact you directly via your email.
Thank you.

Is your problems resolved? I’m getting a bad feeling about wirex. Are they insured somehow if they are licensed to issue visa cards?

Hi there, The team are aware of this issue and are working on this as we speak. They expect a solution in the next hour. So sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you so much.

Please assist. Its more than 48hrs since i transferred money from my personal account into my wirex GBP account and it’s yet to be credited. I opened a support ticket (717142) regarding this and i’m yet to get a response as to what is happening. Please assist as i need it urgent.

Confirmed resolved. Thank you. For future you might want to consider something like “service status” or something, where customers can check the status of the different services and some ETA for a fix.

Thank you so much for your feedback I will send this to the team so that they know. In regards to your issue, I’m so glad it was resolved.

I will chase this with the team right now. Thank you so much.

Hi. I come with problems like most. First to know what happens if I have disabled the card and I want to reactivate it. I request a new one? Or they enable me what I already have? Apart from this, two days ago the euro was disabled in my wallet. And other 2 most important things! To buy btc with my account, it worked automatically at the speed of light. I was credited with the btc in 5 literal seconds … But I was not allowed to send it to 4 different wallets. Besides that, thinking that it would be an error. Reinstall the application. Basically, these are my problems. In addition to saying that the worst thing they did was the update. The application is not very intuitive, not very nice to say and not very functional. The support that was very good became heavy and super slow. The contact by all means without any response. ticket

12 Days and still waiting. After you “chased this with your support team” I got a “reply” from them that the issue will be forwarded to your Banking partner. Great. Looking forward to the Money being transferred to my account in 2020.

I’m a very patient person, but at this point I’ll probably not be using your services after this is resolved.


I have some problems. First: I wanted to send request, but “Something went wrong”.
Second: My Wirex App is just keep crashing. Do nothing but crash.
Third: My card is unavailable, but I don’t know why. If the problem is the fee, I wanted to contact with you, but I couldn’t because of the first problem.
Can you solve them? What information do you need?


I requested a debit card and I’m waiting.

I want to convert my money BTC to € but I get the error “technical error”.

Is that normal?

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Good day Wirex,

i have since days the same problem. Like 3 days I am not allowed to transfer my BTC to my EUR debit card. It says there is a technical error.

Please fix the account. It is impossible for me to not reach my funds since 3 days.

I am missing the live chat in App too. On E-Mail nobody reply. (Ticket: 721433)

In upper messages I can read it should be fixed since days and just take an hour. But I still can NOT send BTC to EUR.

Please check the account. Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

Secondly my friend registered at wirex and requested the debit card.
She is still in verification mode and it says “no agents are available”.

So she still see the message: “Under review” within the message “it takes usually just 20 minutes”…
It is same, since DAYS waiting…

Please check her account and verify her. (Ticket: 720593)

Thank you very much for your time and I hope the request will be confirmed and resolved asap.

it’s monday today 25/03/2019 and 5days since I sent money from my personal account with halifax bank into my Wirex GBP account and it’s yet to reflect. Do I need to start worrying now and contact my bank as I don’t know what else to do. Needed this since last week and you’ve disappointed me.
Please help resolve this now.
Ticket number - 717142

I’ve sent this over to the team. Thank you for sending over your ticket number.

We were in maintenance. It is back online now. Thank you

Hi there Andy, I am sending this over to the support team. They will contact you directly via your email.
Thank you.

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Hi Orpsy,

I have just sent this to the team. They will contact you directly through your email. If you need me to chase this again for you, please let me know.
Thank you

Support ticket (717157)

I’ve not received any updates from your support team regarding this issue. Will Wirex refund or correctly credit my EURO account with the 60 Euros that I transferred via my bank transfer?

It was listed as a “Failed” transaction, even though I double checked the new Luxembourg IBAN account.

Please check on this.

Kind regards

It is fixed, Thank you!