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Hi there,

The reason why this might have failed is because we were under maintenance with the exchange feature yesterday for a little over an hour. Did you try sending this again?

Thank you.


The btc not appearing anymore in my account, at the exchange time there was no notice saying it’s maintenance or something,

See the screenshot, so they had not been credited back if the transaction was failed, can you help me please ?


Please keep a lookout on our social feeds, which is where we announced this maintenance. However, we do apologise that you experienced this! Please know that I am chasing up your ticket right now with our support team. Thank you so much for your patience.


Thanks you so much, if i can made a suggestion for the development team. When the maintenance it’s live there should be a notification bar on top or below showing maint times during maintenance time.


This is available on the mobile app, I’ll let the web app team know :wink:


Ticket: 408030
Note to the rep:
Do no link me to any tutorials/guides. I used these documents to verify: my Kraken account, my PayPal account and many more including the Wirex account using the old system.
Never had an issue.
Yes they are valid, photos are very clear, bank statement is less than 30 days old.


Hi @Ali_Wirex do you know if my ticket will be processed today ?
Sorry to be so insistent, i’m just asking to know if i can rely on the funds today.
Ticket id : 408498
Good Day


Hi there, I am chasing this up again with our support team right now.


Hi @Ali_Wirex , thanks you for that but unfortunately the team doesn’t solve that issue… even to reply to me with the status of the issue and ETA at all… the frustrating thing it’s that transation with the status fail…and btc not credited back… as long the exchange fails, in my opinion your service should credit back the btc that fails to convert and to investigate the issue/bug in backgound without affecting the user experience(making users to wait so long 2 days until now…). So honestly i cannot see any reason to wait more… since the support and devs know about the issue. Also seems to be global issue other users encounter the same behaviour when they exchange more than 200 ± 300$ the transaction fails. With 5,10,20,100 it works i had tested… Why the issue it’s intermitent ?

If you know the system has a problem notify the user clearly that if they will exchange larger ammounts over 2,300 $ it will fail.

PS: Other friends of mine encounter excly the same issue, they had maken exchange on non-maintanance times so the result was the same.

People rely on that money no matter the value of ammount exchanged and they should’nt trated like this, as a financial service those kind of issues should be treated as URGENT and preventing the usage of the exchange if has such as problems not leaving the users to exchange in a bugy system, resulting freezing funds, I’m sad cuz i have to wait over the weekned having the transaction with status FAIL while wirex know the issue and no workaround to this.

In my situation can be anyone.

At this moment excanged 1,2 $ for testing the system and the infrasctructure seems to work, not understand why my funds are still frozen while the system works.

Also i’m not sure now when i can exchange the funds… if will fails or not… a recommandation for this kind of issues, if someting it’s wrong with the exhange the btc/ltc/eth should be credited back automatically by the code…

Usualy i don’t making messages like this but the situation not looking to fair. After 2 days of waiting while you team working on that issue.

Hope you got my point…



Hi, have you received a response from support? I have chased up this issue for you, and I apologise for the inconvenience.


I can not upload my address document by the Android application so how to be verified if I got this answer from my support ticket ?


My support request 400706 regarding money missing from my account was closed as solved with no reply and no solution. I opened a new one 413374, please follow up.


Waiting for 7 days with for a transaction that fails to exchange BTC to USD, the support says…Your issue is still being checked by our technical team. It might take much more time than expected, so we kindly ask you to wait a little longer." it’s the same over 4 days. And no update or solution it looks like simply they don’t care at all about the customers. I will stop recommend this service in my entourage (some of they are some “whales” ) and i will share my experience with support to all my friends that use your service, they should be aware in case of any similar issues to know they can wait looooongggg.

Support instead real solving the issue they provide a copy paste message that has no real value or message, i need to know when this will be resolved and how many days i should wait.

@ali and @raphael initial i taught you can really help but then i realized that you just push to support department only the number of the ticked and they just paste to the client same message “It might take much more time than expected, so we kindly ask you to wait a little longer.”

Waiting for a official response including my estimated solving time concerning my issue, no more bull **** . There is no explanation what really happens that my transaction was declined.

Hope you support can do more than copy and paste pre-made replies…

QUESTION : What’s the limit in $ of any exchange ? I need to know the amout of dollars that can be exchanged once without failing…

Thanks you in advance.

Waiting for real answers


I have received my plastic euro card and pound card and it says I must register them on the app, I have used the app and can’t find anywhere to register them both?

Thank you


Hey! The prompt to activate your card should be on the main screen of your mobile app. If you can’t see it just force close the app and open it again and you should be able to see it again.
Or if you still can’t see the prompt you can simply activate your cards using the PC web version.
Simply login and click on the currency account and you should have the option to activate the card.
Like this:


Thank you, Mike,

Quick response, well done.

All sorted


None of these tickets have been resolved & quite frankly, fed up with the consistent ineptitude of support.

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Hey! Tickets are automatically marked as ‘solved’ usually after about a month since the last reply(depends on the helpdesk’s settings).
As you can tell from your ticket numbers Wirex’s team is stuffed with tickets and sadly some of them are not being replied to.


Hello :slight_smile:
I dont know why but wirex doesnt want to verify me for whatsoever reason.
Everything I submitted is valid and readable.
I resubmitted and now it says I exceeded the limit amount
Ticket 417477
Thank you


Had the same issue. They denied my proof of address just because my flat number wasn’t in the right field.
Check if everything is right: Line 1: address and address number; Line 2: building number/w.e ; Flat: Flat number if you live in a flat.