#SUPPORT Live Thread


Thx for the heads up! Unfortunately I cant submit anymore after 1 rejection


No problem. You shouldn’t have to submit the documents again anyway. They will tell you to make the changes and they will verify your profile.


Ok… How then Can I get this resolved…

Its a simple case of unblocking my account and allowing me to go thru the KYC again

as the upload wasn’t working in the first instance.


You should make a new ticket and post the ticket number here.


Ticket #417851

Though I don’t think there’s a lot of point in submitting another ticket.

I have asked a few times via ticket & all I get is a generic response on My account being blocked because I failed I failed the KYC.

If you could nudge them in the right direction it be much appreciated.


I will look into it for you; @Mike is a hugely helpful member of the Wirex community!



I received the following reply

" Dear XXXXX,
Kindly note that the reason of your account closure is not an error on our end but the fact that your documents failed the automatic identity verification.
Therefore, unfortunately we are unable to provide you with an account.
We apologize for any inconvenience."

My response:


If someone in your dept were able of reading my tickets, They (in fact) show that I was never able to upload the proper KYC documents

due to an upload error which has already been admitted to by a member of your own staff.

If I cant upload these documents, how is it possible for me to fail KYC ?"

Seriously !!! you couldn’t make this up ??


Any news on ticket #418540? The contactless on my card is completely broken, and I can’t read the nfc tag with my phone anymore either…


Hi, my funds are missing after failed exchange transaction for over 3 weeks already, i have sent multiple requests and got no reply from the support. Please check, ref - 408960. Thanks


I have received note that new card available… oh great. lets log in… and denied…and denied again and again and got blocked… why? bcos your app refused the two factor authentication code all the time.what a joke. and dont even try to justify that i did wrong. not . i am not. your app is shitty since january. it wasn not the first time I attempt to log in… but… now…

reading all these posts??? lost money. not credited back since weeks??? overflooded customer support?? ( very bad sign) ****** sweet mother mercy…****** i know the feeling… last time poloniex did similar to me. i just asked them customer service guy - who was also Ali from Nottingham – what will happen if they get a FBI criminal investigation on them neck ??? and a tax office as Ali guy proudly advertised himself somewhere to get his salary in bitcoin. I am a very good investigator too. how cool is that? how cool is playing with others money taking no responsibility …i called it stealing. the idea what wirex try to do is great but hiring people who has no idea what they are doing is bad. very bad you do your job on a professional level or you quit. simple AF but do not play with others money or you will be investigated. soon or later. #SuperRadu and others. dont wait 7 days or whatever. take it to next level. put the pressure on mate. dont be nice with someone whom screwed you. you dont need to be agressive or rude. just make sure that phone call will go to the right place. there is plenty of platform you can make a complain , when poloniex thought they can play with my money( and they are USA based)… no worries. after my mail next morning money was back on my account and since than i have no problem with them. just an advice. I hope Wirex you will get things straight . Best Regards,


Great thread ali! keep it going :wink:


Hi Ali.
My first plastic card got lost in the post.
My second one arrived a week ago.
However it is not showing in my back office.
Alina has been trying to help, but to no avail.
I am reaching the end of my tether now, I first ordered my plastic card
9th May 2018!!!


I tried to load my EUR card with my VISA bank card , it should be instant on my EUR card but i have pending transaction from yesterday … I need this money because i going to vacation and now i GOT BIG PROBLEM because it’s frozen i send ticket to support but still nothing …

TICKET number #421259 i REALLY need this money and it’s not few euro…

When i made test load BITCOIN wallet on wirex app it’s working normal and it was instant .
My limit was also taken after this pending transaction so this is something with Wirex system .
Please check this fast as You can


Hi there! Are you still experiencing this issue? If yes, can you send me the 6-digit reference number for this?

Thank you.


Thank you so much! :pray:t4::blush:


Hi Paul,

I understand your frustration and offer my apologies that you feel this way. We have taken your feedback on board and we are always striving to be swifter and better at what we do.

Thank you.


No worries Ali.
Alina has just sorted it for me! :slight_smile:


Ok great to hear! Thank you for letting me know!


Hello! I got your card and its working fine! Can i in some way change my BTC addres?? I would like to have a new when i do my next transfer to the wirex-app. Can i do that in some way??



Can someone please tell me if I am still able to add a wirex card to Paypal and then withdraw PP funds from it onto my wirex account? Does it still work?