#SUPPORT Live Thread


Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch. In regards to your question, I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Hi there,

Neither card to card payments nor PayPal money transfers are available at the moment.
To use PayPal or skrill or any other 3rd party payments, you will have to take it up with those 3rd parties. We have seen some of our customers being able to use Paypal however, there are quite a few who cannot. If you choose to proceed, it will fall under your responsibility so please take care.


So I cannot verify my Paypal account with wirex VCC ?


You can try adding it to Paypal but like stated before, some users have found that it might not work. Wirex has not yet implemented Paypal or any other 3rd party payments systems. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Hi Community,

I have a GBP virtual account with a sort code and account number. I set up automatic monthly recurring payments from my bank to Wirex (using those details)

When I upgraded to the plastic card, my sort code and account details changed without me knowing (now I know they have changed).

On the 29th June, a payment was sent to the old GBP sort code and account number. My bank has confirmed the payment was sent and completed.

Can someone help trace the payment and assign it to my new sort code and account number details? Wirex support are not helpful, as I think there is a language barrier and lack of understanding.

Here is the ticket ID: 432235

WIREX, a great app but you need a support system like Revolut.


Hi there Ivan,

Thank you for leaving this feedback, it’s very much appreciated. I’m sorry to hear that and completely understand where you are coming from. I will chase this up with our support team right now and someone will be in touch. Thank you for your patience thus far in this matter.


Can you please update me on what is going on?

I need my money quite urgently, so any update will be appreciated and also a timeframe of when this will be sorted.

I am quite disappointed Wirex changed my sort code and account number without any prior notification or any communication that they have changed it.

Thanks for your help Ali



Hi Wirex,

Is there any updates? A phone number a timeframe someone I can speak to?

It seems nothing is being done and this is an error cause don’t by Wirex, no live chat nothing.

Please provide updates as to what is happening to please. Many thanks


I have chased this issue up for you; support will respond as soon as possible.


impossible change btc to visa card
my account is verified


ticket number 433755


I will chase this up for you right now with our support team. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


I have had to contact your partner bank Contis financial directly.

Because I am now being told that the payment is nowhere to be seen. I am extremely concerned. My questions go answered.

Wirex conveniently has NO way to speak to a human on the phone. Very slow support.

Many thanks,


I just want to be transparent and let everyone know what is going on. Especially if you are thinking of using this service, think twice and really evaluate all your options of other online banking solutions.

This is what has happened:

  1. Wirex changed my account details (sort code and account number)
  2. without my permission
  3. without EVEN communicating this with me.

To only find out my money has gone missing, and Wirex cannot account for it.
What is even more worrying is you do not know if the account details you changed, are still active or not.

Be very careful. It was a significant amount of money and now they cannot find it. Be very careful!


Hello Ivan, we apologise for the inconvenience experienced so far; and we look forward to getting you a resolution on this issue; if you can provide me with your email/telephone number in a private message I will try to get to the bottom of your issue.


How can I send a private message?

Do you have access to the ticketing system? You can access my email from there. Ticket number is 432235


I don’t understand why Wirex keeps deleting my unrelated tickets?

I have opened two or three tickets - and it just disappears from the app ticket section.

My money still has not been found. How can Wirex lose so much money.


Hello Ivan,

Unfortunately Raphael and I do not have access to customer information or account details. But I am chasing this up with our support team right now. I’m sorry that this issue is still ongoing and I completely and wholeheartedly understand your frustration. Please know that someone will be in touch.

Thank you.


hi, just would like to tell you that I wrote a “little” guide ti explain in Italian the Wirex card on my blog.
best regards and thank you so much for your amazing work :slight_smile:


Support ticket number 448867
I have an issue when trying to buy bitcoin using my linked local card.
When I click to process the transaction I am getting this message

This has been happening for 3 days now.
I have been asked by Maksym in support team to reinstall the WirexApp which I have done but I am still getting the same error message. This is very disappointing and very frustrating. Please Wirex find a solution.