#SUPPORT Live Thread


Hi, i have an wirex account and a wirex card plastic. From yesterday my account is disable but in my account i have a bitcoin and i cant use it because my account is disable and say contact assistance.
Why ?


Hi there, I just wanted to get in touch to see if this has been resolved for you?

Thank you


Hi Ali
Yes it was resolved yesterday. Thank you very much for asking. A very frustrating week which cost me to miss a good buying price, but it’s all sorted now thanks.

Can I suggest a live chat as part of the support please. The thing that annoyed me, was the not knowing what the problem was or how the problem was being addressed.

Just an improvement opportunity, that I as a customer would welcome.

Thanks again for the email.



Hi Andrea, please can you send us your email address that is associated with your Wirex account? And if you have, the 6-digit reference number from the support ticket that you’ve created. I will chase this up for you with our support team.

Thank you.


Thank you for this awesome suggestion and I would like to be the bearer of good news that we will be implementing this feature. In fact Wirex is working on it as we speak. As soon as I get any concrete dates it will be announced on our social channels.

All the best.


email associated at wirex account: selenio72@gmail.com

ticket 453948

from 2 day you have blocked my money


Hi Andrea,

I know you got in touch on telegram. But thought I would reply on here as well. Support has your ticket and are looking into it for you.

All the best.


Request number (454810).

Can anyone please chase this up?

I’m only after changing my email address. I made the initial request on the 7th July and supplied all the required information however it has yet to be actioned. Customer service have ceased responding to my weekly emails.


The ticket no. is 444044, it has been pending for the last 3 weeks. Have received mails from customer support, that the issue would be resolved and my funds would be returned, but no action has been taken after numerous mail exchanges. Please help with this.


Hi Brian, I will chase this up with our support team. However, please bear in mind that your email address is like your account number. It would be like asking a bank to change your unique authorisation number. Therefore to change this we have specific & strict protocols to follow for security reasons. But of course I will chase this up immediately with our support team, so they can update you.

Thank you.


Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that! I will chase this up with our support team right now.

Thank you


Hi Ali,

You might be a lucky charm, 5 min after I got your mail, I received the confirmation from wirex team that they have released the funds.

Thanks for the response.


Man, that’s great to hear! If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. :+1:t4:

All the best!


Hi just out of curiosity. Can we expect to see your Visa card added to Apple Pay service? That would be awesome. Thanks.


Hi there,

It is definitely on our roadmap. Stay tuned because when we have concrete dates as to when this might launch, we will share it on our social channels.

Thank you.


Great thanks,
one more question, does the card automatically converts crypto currency to EUR when payment is being made if balance is only in crypto currency and there is no EUR available or we have to exchange it for EUR manually before payment? If latter, do you expect feature for former in the future?


Support ticket number: 461698
Trying to add the card to my curve card account…


I sent in a ticket asking about when your Services would be available in the U.S. I suppose this might be a good place to ask?


Hi there, how can I see a transaction that hasn’t completed?

I sent 2 LTC yesterday which has left my account but isn’t showing as a transaction

Also hasn’t arrived in my wallet



how can i transfer money from my wirex gbp account to another bank account or is the only way to take cash out via an atm and pay the fee?