#SUPPORT Live Thread


questo e il numero del mio ticket 466193 mi servirebbe rivolvere in fretta.



I can now no longer access my account. I have tried both my old and new email, however it simply states to contact customer service, which I have done a number of days ago when this first happened however to date there has been no reply and my funds (fiat & btc) are locked. (Ticket - 465704).



I sent XRP which has left my Wirex account but hasn’t arrived in my hardware wallet. There is also no Blockchain link. Ticket number: 466705

Please fix the problem.



Hi there Brian,

I’m sorry to hear that. I will chase this up with our support team.

Thank you


Hello Tim,

As you know I’ve been chatting with you on our telegram channel. But wanted to reply to you on here so you know that we are looking into this. Hang tight and we will resolve this.

Thank you and all the best.


I hope so! But why does it take so long?! Thanks for your support!


I know this is taking longer than normal and I send my sincere apologies that you have had to experience something like this. Please keep me posted on Telegram of any updates, so I can continue to chase this up for you with our support team until we get this resolved.


OK. I talk to you later today on Telegram.


It is quite rude to respond to new replies when mine is 6 days old and unresponded Ali :grin:


Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. In regards to your question, we haven’t yet implemented this feature, however we are working on it. So, for the time being you can take out cash at an ATM.

Thank you and all the best!


Hi ticket 466689 - unable to install app on brand new phone running Android 6 as play store says it is not compatible, told to install it on another device? Not very helpful! Why is it not compatible? According to the app requirements on your site it should be fine.



Hi there! I’m sorry to hear this! I will chase this up right now with our support team.

Thank you so much.



I feel extremely frustrated that after almost two months, countless requests and numerous promises, my account can STILL not be accessed. PLEASE can this be rectified once and for all. I genuinely wish to continue using your service as I have had a good experience up until recently, however this unnecessary issue is forcing me to consider moving to another provider.

All I want is to be able to use my account. I have done everything asked of me, clearly it is an issue at your end. I believe I have been more than reasonable with my patience as a paying customer.

Ref.no - (467894)



Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for sending over your ticket number. I will chase this up immediately with the support team. I’m so sorry that you are experiencing this with us. Let’s try and get this resolved for you.

Thank you and all the best.


Thank you, that’s all I’m after. I desperately need to access my account otherwise I’ll have no alternative but to move elsewhere, and I really do want to stay with Wirex as I think it has potential.


Hi Brian,

I have sent this off to our support team. Please let me know if they’ve been in touch.

Thank you.



As of yet no one has contacted me on either my new email or my old.



It has now been SEVEN weeks (7th July) since submitting my request to change my email address with yourselves. In this time access to my account has been lost and funds unreachable.

As a paying customer I find this service and lack of customer support unacceptable. After reading numerous similar customer complaints, I initially thought that they were exaggerated incidents of poor service, however after experiencing this first hand I can see that it is unfortunately true.

Please escalate this to a complaint.


Ticket: 470878

I cant withdraw or change my BTC… i have to pay my apartment :frowning: please answer me asap.



i was open a tiket on 22nd august. But still i hav no solution from u. I have wallet issue ion my account. pls check.
my tiket ID 469081