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I’m very interested in a card.
But could this cause troubles for me with the tax authorities?
Isn’t every spenditure to fiat taxable?

Could this cause problems in the future as I’m KYC’d and potentially handed over to the tax authorities?

Thank you.


I was not warned of any scheduled maintenance. Pls give details.


Ticket #479711
I am new to Wirex and unable send XRP to my external wallet. I keep getting the following error message ‘Sorry, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later or contact Customer Support for assistance’
Please advise what I need to do?


Thank you for sending this over Carlos. We have sent this over to our support team and someone should be in touch.


Hi Wirex team - Ticket number (481308)

I have to say I haven’t really had much trouble with yourselves as of yet with daily purchases with my account being credited within a minute, however I purchased 10000 worth of ripple this morning on two separate accounts (1 being mine & the other my wife’s) and neither have been credited to our accounts. It’s now saying that I have reached my limit which imply’s to me that the transactions have gone through…

Please assist.

Kind regards


ticket nr # 481543
need very important an information about that problem !
got enough money on my USD wirex card and can´t withdraw money on the atm in thailand (i try different bank / atm´s… it worked many times before !
there is a 2. ticket nr because in the morning i got a failed transfer from LTC to USD …
please answer asap !!
best regards


Please Help.Tickets.481273


Please Help.Ticket 481477


Ticket 482275 money has been not credited to my wallet i can see them on blockchain they are in my wallet but app showing 0, ?wth are u are legit or you are scamming people?


Hi there, We are currently looking into it as you know from telegram. Don’t worry, we will resolve this.

Thank you.


We will chase this up for you right now.

Thank you.


I will chase both these tickets for you now with our support team. Thank you.


ok… today i try to move the money from usd account to eur to get money from there but another courrious thing… i cant get 500€ but i can get 2x 100€ after i tried a 3rd time and get message the card dont support this function … then i choose 50€ and this is 1 time ok … 2nd time same message


Hi there, I’m very sorry that you have experienced this with us. However, I can assure you that we most definitely are not scamming people. I will chase this up immediately with our support team. This will be resolved for you.

Thank you.


Thank you for letting me know! I will follow this up with the team. Can I also get your email address, the one that’s attached to your Wirex account? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it on here then you can send us a private message on twitter or Facebook. I am also on Telegram, which you can send me a private message on there as well.

Thank you


send you privat message !
thank you


Request (482593)
Dear Wirex support team,

This is a second Assistance ticket I sent you regarding my exchange issue that has occured around 36 hours ago. The amount exchanged has not been confirmed yet, and i can’t see neither my BTC or EUR balance.
Could you please confirm my balance exchanged in EUR with the exact exchange rate that was on time when i requested it.



ticket #485378
what happend ? sorry to say but maybe i look for another card provider ?
problems, problems, problems…


Hi, Request #486275, please help!
BTC transaction is confirmed (6 confirmations), blockchain shows that btc arrived, but in my wirexapp account there are no any BTC arrived. What can be the problem?


Hi Francesco,

I’m just checking in to see if all is good now.

Thank you