#SUPPORT Live Thread


I’m so sorry to hear that! I will chase this up for you right now with our support team.

Thank you


Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear this! Thank you for sending this over. I will immediately chase this up with our support team.

Thank you.


Thank you, I am here and waiting for this.


The support team is working on this now and should contact you directly.

Thank you.



Request #485549

Please help me with this, I have sent BTC from my wallet to wirex, but money hasn’t arrived to my wirex wallet.
Transaction is confirmed.
Thank you!


Ticket #481910 - my password has been changed without my authorisation & I can not access my wirexapp a/c. It now appears the money has been taken from my account again without my permission and after I notified support that someone had hacked in to my account. I have tried to reset my p/w but received none of the p/w reset e mails although all other emails from wirexapp.com are received fine. Asked to change my e mail address and again no response. Totally fed up now - I really was keen to use wirex but the customer service level is not good.


Wirex Business Accounts - ETA - timeline

Hello, we are interested in a business account with Wirex, however I see that there is a waiting list. We tried to submit an email address but it didn’t work.

Please could you add andrew@sciencematters.io to the wait list.

Also, approximately when will the business accounts be available?


I’m also interested in a business account, but like Andrew_Cook I can’t sign up to the wait list. Please can you fix the wait list form so I can sign up?


Please help me with the following issue:
Today I sent 2000 XRP from my Wirex account to my hardware nano s wallet, but I didn’t received it.
The issue is as follow: in Wirex account the transaction is marked as successful, but when I checked the blockchain link of transaction: 5C03B484FC6DEDE6EAF5D1D9DD1760FCB3DED8FF0C0940337109F162CB9A45DF
is reported as “Transaction not found”.

My question is: how is responsible for this WIREX or Ledger (Ledger nano S).
I want to mention that today I made another transaction from my Bitstamp account to the same nano S address and everything works great.

Could you please help me with this topic !


Hi, I’m based in the uk and made a purchase yesterday at 12:40pm but am, as yet, unable to make another purchase today due to my daily limit being used up… what time zone does Wirex work to?

Also, on the website under the Ripple / XRP information it says that XRP can be exchanged in-app for 50 approved alt coins… I can’t find this function!?


Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that. Have you created a support ticket for this issue? That way I can immediately chase it up with our customer service team. If you have, can I get the 6-digit reference number. If not, you can either create one via the app, or online here… https://help.wirexapp.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Or you can talk to our Live support via the desktop platform.

Thank you so much.


Hi Matt,

The daily limit is a 24 hour time frame. Therefore, it starts from the last transaction you’ve made.

Thank you.


Hi Ali,

I created a new ticket: 501081.
You can find all the information there. The last talks was via email with Mariia Pohorielova…
I explained to her that I sent the XRP to my Ledger Nano S address and I didn’t set anything to destination tag.

Thank you for your help !


Hi again,.

Also you can check all discussions here: 499830,
even the initial issue was for activation (that was solved also by be using Android instead of Windows… seems that activation emails doesn’t come when I tried on Win10 pc)…


Thank you for this, I will chase this up with the support team now.


Hi, i have two transactions to buy bitcoin with my debit card this morning, both payments succeeded, but the add funds step sat at pending for 20 mins then failed. Tickets 502393 and 502327.


Good Morning Support-

Same problem as Duncanhor - couple of XRP buys failed after being in pending. Not sure of the reason as the payments were already taken from my account.

Ticket number are 502561 & 502568.



Hi Duncan,

I’ve sent this already to the support team from your telegram request.

Thank you.


Hi there,

I will chase this up right now with our support team.

Thank you.


Received an email from Support team… Thanks Ali