#SUPPORT Live Thread


I’m so sorry to hear that! I will chase this up for you right now with our support team.

Thank you


Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear this! Thank you for sending this over. I will immediately chase this up with our support team.

Thank you.


Thank you, I am here and waiting for this.


The support team is working on this now and should contact you directly.

Thank you.



Request #485549

Please help me with this, I have sent BTC from my wallet to wirex, but money hasn’t arrived to my wirex wallet.
Transaction is confirmed.
Thank you!


Ticket #481910 - my password has been changed without my authorisation & I can not access my wirexapp a/c. It now appears the money has been taken from my account again without my permission and after I notified support that someone had hacked in to my account. I have tried to reset my p/w but received none of the p/w reset e mails although all other emails from wirexapp.com are received fine. Asked to change my e mail address and again no response. Totally fed up now - I really was keen to use wirex but the customer service level is not good.


Wirex Business Accounts - ETA - timeline

Hello, we are interested in a business account with Wirex, however I see that there is a waiting list. We tried to submit an email address but it didn’t work.

Please could you add andrew@sciencematters.io to the wait list.

Also, approximately when will the business accounts be available?


I’m also interested in a business account, but like Andrew_Cook I can’t sign up to the wait list. Please can you fix the wait list form so I can sign up?