#SUPPORT Live Thread


Hello, my ticket 503090 is not answered for a couple of days. Thanks, Petr


For some reason my account is blocked?! Sais contact support team but there is no support link in the login page, and cant get past it. Where can i find the support link to create a ticket?


hi there, I’m sorry to hear that! Please fill out a ticket form here…


Thank you


Request #516461

HI there

All my attempts to send XRP out of my wallet are failing today, I have tried two different wallets, What is going on? Im getting worried about the money I have put onto your card



Card ordering fails every time, I’ve opened request 516016 yesterday but no response. Please help !


will wirex card in Canada have canadian currency or just US , euro currency ?


have been having the exact same issue with just lies from the support team that its being worked on


hi, ive been waiting all day to access my funds and still cant


Ticket 525016

I have problems and no answer since 5 days!
I tryed to exchange BTC to EUR but money is away since 5 days.
Yesterday I send money to my BTC wallet and nothing received. What is happen, wirex?


Dear Wirex,

I’ve checked that there are people having the same issue than me: I made a conversion on Tue, the 29th from EUR to BTC, and was not processed by some reason. I created ticket 525214 for this matter.

I understand solving this could take some time, but I kindly ask you to provide me more updates. Please, you have to understand that currently I don’t have that money available, and the sensation that I don’t know what happened with it.

Please, could you kindly provide me an update and an estimated deadline to solve this issue?
Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards




Nobody replies to my tickets…
Requests 539292, 539025 and 536398

for some reason after succesful verification my dashboard remains INCACTIVE (screenshots bellow)

I can’t get access neither to BTC or other cryptocurrency wallets, not order my wirex card

Whats going on, guys?


Can the app support stablecoins? I would like to add and store Paxos Standard coins and spend them with the debit card.


ticket 541763 account ist blocket?


Hi my account is locked it was even opened by you guys and then re locked again as soon as i tried to make a transfers. I have been in touch with customer service x amount of times and get screwed over every time. I need this solved asap i have an important transfer to make and people depending on it. Basically people have lost trust in me because of this. It has been closed for a week now!! Na di have no access to my funds which i trust you to keep online for me and you make good money on your fees i demand a better response and service or will never ever use or recommend you to anyone again… This is unacceptable i need this fixed now and taken seriously…
Support ticket : 544559


Well it happened again its been a week now and four support tickets four times my account has been reopened to be closed again right after. I have used this service for over 6 months and now i have no confidence left in this. You have literally no intention of helping me and you are keeping my money from me. Its close to thievery and i dont know how to take any proper action. You refuse to call me to sort this out and think your automatic system is efficient enough to handle this which it is not. I am extremely disappointed an feel abused by your company still i have to make new tickets and get automated responses and no one wants to have a convo with me when clearly the automatic support system isnt working…No phone number exists either its actually out of service which is not a good sign for a company operation on this big of a platform… SIGH… Support ticket :545615


Hello my account has been closed for no reason when I tried to make a transaction and I need access to my funds right now. Ticket # 545121.


They did the same to me brother but hey wont fix it . Probably whats going to happen is they will open your account in a couple days and shut it down again as soon as you try to move anything on your app. And then you have to make support ticket and do this over and over till you get tired and they keep your money…Did you have alot of money on there? I had a verified account with everything in order and then one days just whoop they f ed me…


Support Ticket #533134 please help me. MY account and card blocked.

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Great thread, keep it going =)


I’m sorry to hear that. Has this now been resolved for you? If not please let me know so I can chase it up.
Thank you.