Take a tour of the Wirex ecosystem!

The Wirex ecosystem is an ever-expanding one. In fact, we’ve recently added so many exciting new products and features, we thought it was about time we showed you around.

Ready to see what we’ve got?

Buy and exchange

Get started by quickly and securely adding funds to your Wirex account with your local bank card. Once you are topped up, you can then exchange them in-app until your heart’s content at our exclusive OTC rates. All it takes is a couple of taps!

HODL and grow

Don’t just HODL your crypto, watch it grow by moving it into an X-Account. You’ll immediately start earning up to 20% AER on select currencies without even lifting a finger. Your interest will be accumulated daily and paid weekly. Changed your mind? No problem – simply withdraw your funds whenever you like, for free!

Swap and save

Want to swap tokens and save on fees while you’re at it? The Wirex Wallet lets you do just that – effortlessly exchange your digital assets across different blockchains, at the very best prices available. The Wirex Wallet offers super-secure non-custodial storage for your crypto and NFTs, and lets you connect directly to DeFi protocols to unlock high-yield earning power. Download it now on Google Play or the App Store to give it a go!

Stake and borrow

Met Wirex Credit yet? It lets you instantly borrow stablecoins against your BTC, ETH and WXT. For a limited time only, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of your collateral and pay 0% interest on select currencies.* Plus, you can forget fees and drawn-out credit checks – your funds will be with you in seconds! Find out more about Wirex Credit in this blog.

Spend and earn

Spend your crypto in real life with the Wirex card and you’ll automatically earn up to 8% CryptobackTM rewards every time! Plus, the Wirex card automatically pays in the local currency without you having to exchange first. Pretty hi-tech, right?

Upgrade and boost

The X-tras programme was designed to make your Wirex experience more rewarding than ever. Start by choose from three flexible price plans to pick your perfect rates. Want to secure the highest levels of CryptobackTM rewards and X-Accounts interest? Who wouldn’t? Each price plan is made up of different tiers. By locking a certain amount of WXT for 180 days, you’ll be boosted up a tier. And the higher your tier, the closer you are to earning that generous 8% CryptobackTM rewards and 20% AER with X-Accounts. Get a more in-depth look at what you can earn and how here.

Lend and lock

Have you come across our partner, Nereus, yet? The popular DeFi lending protocol offers the opportunity to earn WXT rewards in return for providing liquidity to the protocol. By either staking or locking WXT in the protocol, you could earn platform fees, penalty fees and other crypto rewards. Check out the Nereus whitepaper for more information about how you can get involved. And don’t forget, Nereus’s very own fully collateralised stablecoin, NXUSD, is now available in both the Wirex app and the Wirex Wallet!

So, there’s a quick guide to everything on offer in the Wirex ecosystem. Where are you going to start?


Happy to see Wirex never stop to improve its services and features,good job Teams!:ok_hand::rocket:


We have a lot of good innovations here on Wirex, when we will reach mass adoption, Wirex and wxt will be on the stars


Thank you for trusting wirex :heart:


Wirex is every day better and better.I am happy to be Wirex user.


Fully agree with you, Wirex is proving to be resilient despite this crypto winter!:ok_hand:
Hope to see soon also the token recover a fair value!:crossed_fingers:


Thank you :relaxed: