Technical Analysis Price Charts Today - OMG, NEO, LTC, PPT

Looks to me like we’re in a power position for several major coins (and a few new ones). A launching platform of epic propositions…

OMG broke above the 12 hour ichi cloud with a big thrust in the past 12 hour period, showing bollinger band breakout.

The 1 day OMG chart is interesting on bittrex as the cloud is now being painted, currently red, so still a bit of a challenge for price action breakout, but we’re now skirting the tinken kajun line so I expect the cloud future to turn green in coming days which means upwards momentum.

Over to Litecoin, quickly approaching previous all time high on the 1 day chart with green future cloud. Get ready to rumble!

NEO shows a bit of choppy seas with positive momentum building. Might struggle for a couple more weeks but looks to be building momentum to push back to all time high since the big drop due to previous news of China ICO ‘ban’.

A big story is brewing with Populous token right now. One of the first ICO launches of 2017 to deliver an actual commercially viable product into the mainstream marketplace with ‘invoice financing’. Beta product is now in motion. I expect public product launch very early new year with an explosive uplift in price.

Other tokens are still in consolidation patterns with significant rises and sudden retracements. IOTA has burst onto the scene recently with impressive swings.

EOS is an interesting chart pattern, having just broken out of a long-term downtrend and showing a bit of green cloud which could mean a nice continuation of the recent price uplift. However, I’m still skeptical of a company doing a year long ICO with no product to show for it. Caution Will Robinson.

What other tokens are you interested in? I’ll check out the charts.


The Market Cap is really flying away atm!

would love to see some more detailed IOTA analysis, it recently just reached a new ATH. Looking strong at the moment.

Here’s a deeper dive on IOTA

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Bitcoin is also selling at a nice discounted rate in my opinion :wink:
Just commentary, not investment advice :slight_smile: