Temporary Changes for UK Customers

For full details please see here:

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Can you still withdraw funds to a UK bank account ?

Or is that not possible?

Doesn’t inspire confidence in your service when the FCA are saying your money laundering protection isn’t up to scratch!

It doesn’t say if our Crypto Wallets will still be operational and if we can move Crypto in and out.

Can you tell us this please.

Yes this is what i also want to know…can we add crypto to spend from other exchanges?

Hi guys, please see our FAQ section on our help centre here:

If you have further questions I will be here to answer them. Thank you

@lostinmyminds Your previous comment was removed as is completely unsubstantiated.

To answer your statement, We are one of the few cryptocurrency companies who are also an Authorised Electronic Money Institution regulated by the FCA with an e-money licence in the UK since 2018. We are a licenced and regulated platform for our Fiat-related activities, that adheres to local regulations and secures the appropriate licences where they exist. In the UK this means we comply with safeguarding requirements and your fiat funds are held in a segregated client account with a UK regulated Bank. Where regulations don’t exist, we’re endeavouring to lead by example for other companies by applying ‘gold-plated standards’, because we care about our customers and their money. Our team is always on top of the latest development in the space, so that we can remain compliant as we develop our product and expand into new markets.

These temporary measures have been put in place following updated guidance from the FCA. Wirex is currently one of a small number of companies in the UK operating under the Temporary Permissions Regime (TPR), with the aim of receiving permanent registration. Implementing these measures for all UK-registered customers will ensure that Wirex is operating at the highest possible standard, and we can continue offering our services to everyone, including the UK, for years to come.


This completely blows, it means I won’t be using Wirex until this is fixed. Well done slow clap


Unsubstantiated? Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see… Meanwhile people are stuck with a card and an account they can’t use. e.g. I can’t convert my WXT to anything else as I don’t have enough left of it since I last converted it to BTC but I can’t earn more as I can’t add money to my card and I don’t feel the desire to purchase additional WXT to bring it up to that level. Nor can I transfer it to another wallet, as nowhere wants WXT, so I’m pretty stuck for now.


Everything goes down sometimes for a variety of reasons. I get that.
What I don’t get is an email at 10am saying this would be happening in the next 2 hours.
Didn’t you guys have any clue before today that this would be happening?
If you did then why the late notice?
What about those who have a transaction in progress and now their money is stuck in Wirex?

Thankfully I’m not one of these people - I started using Xapo again.
But seriously - the situation = fine. The notice = not good enough


The short notice is the final straw for me. Thanks everyone and goodbye.

I completely understand your frustration. Please know that we will have updates on this as it is a temporary situation. Thank you

@lukegibbons86 @sabretooth

We know this decision will be frustrating for some users, we’re really sorry about that. It’s important to remember that this only applies to topping up funds - you can still use existing funds and we expect this to be resolved in the coming weeks. The reason for the short notice is simple - we needed to align and agree these steps with the FCA. Being compliant and obtaining permanent registration with the FCA is in everyone’s interests, especially all of our customers. These discussions were not finalised until 8th April, and we sought to update all affected users as soon as we were able to share the information accurately. We plan to be allowing top ups again soon - and we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

Ok thanks for the reply. I had a question on a other thread that wasn’t t answered but the thread was closed, it was about the inactivity fee, of the balance of one of the accounts is less than 5 pound, what happens? I couldn’t find the answer in the link to the terms and conditions that you sent. Thanks

Oh! I’m so sorry @lukegibbons86! With your question is it GBP or is it GBP amount in Crypto?

No worries. For GBP

Will this situation affect a pending refund to my mastercard ?

Wirex, can you please explain how I can access my GBP funds today held in my GBP account. I was unaware of this situation and you have stated this maybe rectified in a matter of weeks which I cannot wait for. Please advise on how to access my funds.

@lukegibbons86 just awaiting confirmation from the team so I can give the most accurate information. I will update you as soon as I get it. Thank you

Please can you send me a private message so I can get the support team to look into this for you. Thank you