Terra Luna - Wirex exposure?

Does Wirex have or had any exposure to any Luna related platforms like Anchor protocol?


i dont think so ??

Wxt peg to btc?? If not could!

I came here to ask the same thing. Especially if funds used in X-Accounts were used in Anchor or other DeFi’s that used luna or UST. News like the half billion USD that Celsius had in Anchor make me think that it is certainly possible that Wirex had some exposure.

However some cefi’s had zero exposure like yield app, which released a blog post about the subject.

Would love to receive an official statement from Wirex regarding their situation. Transparency is key in a time like this.

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Why Wirex holding Luna and can not be transferred? shoudnt this be decentralized?

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Me2. Wirex locked my Luna. It’s ridiculous. I never trade on Wirex, we just want to send Luna out, we have freedom to handle our property, right? Wirex, listen, please allow to send out Luna.

Is it useful to report Singapore police.
Anyone can tell me? Wirex stole my property, will Singapore police take action against Wirex?