Testing my plastic card in Spain


Dear members, After activate my plastic card, I started making test: First I use it at an ATM to take some Euros, then for paying ( to pay?) at a Gas Station, and finally for purchases.
Result? Perfect service without any problem, as, of corse, I expected coming from Wirex!!!
I will be now, having a look in my account, at Cryptoback, to discover how many satoshi I have won.

Welcome plastic card.:grinning:

If also today Real Madrid wins the Champions League one more time, the day will be … Perfect too


i received mine and am using it a great card and we get money back



I guess your card is in euro, but the wirex bank-account is in GBP.
Is this correct?

So I guess that for every transaction, there is a currency-exchange, … and a currency-exchange fee.
How much was it for the transactions you made?



Hi Krbonne!

Yes, my card is an Euro-card.

As our Wirex account is a multy currency account, I have euros in my Euro wallet and Euro payment , are made from that balance.

At the moment, I can not find any charge/fee because my paments card.



HI Loreta,

Thanks for yor quick reply.

Are the wirex bankaccounts multicurrency?

The last time I checked, it said that cards can be in any of the three currencies, but that the bankaccounts where in GBP.


Similar to regular bank accounts

With designated account number and sort code, available to dozens of countries around the world. The first accounts available are in GBP and based in the UK — fully registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority

I have been holding on to open an account because I am not interested in GBP and I do not want to pay currency-conversion costs for every transaction



Yes KR, It is.

In my oppinion, depending the currency of our card, the best way is to have some EUR ( in my case) to spend with car, BUT IN ANY CASE if we just have,for emple BTC, Wirex will convert the equivalent BTC to the card payment currency. That would be more difficult to control, due to the BTC volatility but it leaves opena door, in case we need a fiat we have not in a specific moment.



Hi Loreta,

First, I am sorry as I am a bit confused here, the currency accounts DO are multicurrency (i.e. native Euro),
This is all very strange as it is in contrast to what is mentioned on the wirex website. 'see URL mentioned above)
There is a blog-post mentioning “fiat to fiat” exchange, but that is not the same as having a multicurrency account.

Concerning instant BTC to fiat conversion (at the time of the POS or ATM purchage), I fully agree with you that, oncidering the fluctuation of the value of the crypto-currencies, this is not realy a good idea. (for me, the people doing speculation and investment have in fact killed off crypto as a actual payment tool :frowning: ).



Hola Kristoff,

Me, I am a bit confused because mu limited English…that is my third language, and I am not really used in.

  • When I opened my Wirex account , I tried sending EUR to my Wirex account from my Bank in Madrid but it did not work because Wirex account did not accept EUR but just GBP. It forced me to ask my Madrid’s bank, for a change EUR-GBP for this first deposit.
  • Wtih my Wirex account already active, I asked and received inmediatly, a BTC Wallet, + 3 virtual cards: EUR, USD, and GBP, they granted me inmediatly. From that moment, I was available and free to change my BTC, to USD, EUR o GBP and vice versa, or after, EUR to USD, or GBP.
  • I never more sent GBP to Wirex account, but BTC from my external traiding wallet, to convert when I decide to the FIAT I prefer.
  • Now, my EUR plastic card allows me to make EUR withdrawal when I decide

I am not sure if these explanations could help you to better understand the wirex fonctionement Kristoff. In any case, please excuse my English mistakes

Regards, Loreta


Hi guys, I have recieved today in madrid too. But I have tried to purchase online with it but it doesnt work.

Also in the activation, my old virtual card was gone…

Did it happen to you?


Hola Fabio, hablas español?

About purchase online, I have not tried at the moment…

I think,but I am not sure, that at the activation of plastic card, virtual card the same currency, becomes cancelled. I hope so, plastic card will allows online payment.

Have a nice day Fabio.



Hola Loreta, pues he abierto un ticket, en pagos donde funcionaba la virtual, esta de plastico no funciona.

Os escribo aqui cuando sepa algo, pero ahora he perdido la virtual y con la otra no puedo pagar asi que estoy triste. A ver si se soluciona rapido.


Oye Fabio, ahora me doy cuenta de que olvidé comentarte UN DETALLE IMPORTANTE.

En mi primer intento de pago ( en un parking) con la Visa no reconoció la tarjeta y tuve que pagar con la nacional.

Pensando recordé que a veces las tarjetas de mi banco español, no se activan totalmente, hasta que haces una operación de cajero.

Fui la Wirex card a un cajero, saqué 20 € que me dio sin problema, y debió de quedar definitivamente activada, porque ya nunca más ha vuelto a fallar en ningún sitio.


Espero que me cuentes.



Hi Loreta,

It looks like you are almost becoming “customer support” in Spain :slight_smile:

It’s a bit strange that there is nobody from wirex itselfs answering in this thread. :frowning:

Thank you for your very clear description.

What confuses me is that what you explain -as what seams to be the reality- does not seams to match up with what is descripted on the wirex website.

There seams to be a mix of different terms and words:

  • “currency account” (which is supposed to GBP-only for the time being)
  • “wallets” (both in crypto-currency and fiat-currency variant)
  • “cards”.

And what exactly is an “account” (as used in the terms and conditions)? A bankaccount, a wirex app account? A wallet?

As the cards are “debet-card” (i.e. a card directly mapped to a currenct-account), there should logically be a one-to-one map between a card and a bank-account; which is a bit strange as the bank-account is GBP-only (as repeated on the new website) and the cards are in three different currencies.

As a customer, I do like to know to clearly what product I am buying.
Can somebodty of wirex reply and clearly explain what exactly how all these elements fit together?

Concerning not being able to load euro on your bank-account, that is strange as I found this in the “terms and conditions page” on the wirex website

. Multiple Currency Wallets
3.1. You may load your Account in any of the Supported Currencies depending on your international travel needs. Where you provide funds in an Unsupported Currency, the Card Issuer will first convert such sums of Unsupported Currency into an equivalent amount in your selected Supported Currency

link here: https://wirexapp.com/card-issuer-terms-conditions/

So, based on that document, there should have been automatic currency-conversion to GBP, on the wirex bankaccount-side when the euros came in.

Also for not being able to do a banktransfer in Euro to the bank-account, that is even more strange.
From what I read about this the last weeks, a bank-transfer in Euro in the EEA-area (which includes the UK … ok … until brexit) is a SEPA-transaction, and all banks in the EEA are legally bound to be able to process SEPA transactions.

Can somebody from Wirex please explain in clear what are the different components of the service and clear explain the possibilities and limitations of every components.



Hello there! My Name is Gustavo and I’m the community manager for Spain. It’s awesome to see you all sharing your Wirex experience in Spain. If you prefer, I will address all your question in either English or Spanish…

Saludos! Mi nombre es Gustavo y soy el community manager para España. Es muy emocionante verlos compartiendo sus experiencias Wirex en su país, por lo que si prefieren puede atender sus preguntas tanto en Español como en Ingles


@krbonne Hola! La cuenta Wirex actual es en GBP. Pronto daremos la opción de abrir cuentas en Euros. Efectivamente, si usas la tarjeta en GBP en puntos de venta en Euros, Visa aplica la comisión de 3% por cambio de moneda


hola loreta yo tengo una pregunta que no encuentro la respuesta yo soy de españa y estoy pensando pedir la tarjeta pero me gustaria saber que coste de mantenimiento tiene todos los meses me refiero si tiene un fijo o algo


Hola Javier, a mi me cargan 1,5 €/mes de mantenimiento. Me parece razonable. Buen día, Loreta


pues la verdad es que esta muy bien creo voy a solicitar la tarjeta