Thankyou Wirex!

I want to take a moment to thank the Wirex team.

Firstly, they offer a card in parts of the world that many do not, which opens up a world of possibilities for spending your crypto!

I’ve also had great responses from the team helping to sort out any issues I’ve had. To be fair, some of these issues could have been/were sorted out by me simply reading the notes, community information, or listening to the chatbot. The things that I couldn’t sort out myself were jumped on by the team when I questioned them in the forum. Could the process be quicker and more streamlined? Of course it could, but, like pretty much every other growing business in the world right now, I’m sure Wirex is struggling to get more team members (and keep the brilliant ones they have).

Finally, they always seem to be working on enhancements - like X-tras (cryptoback, savings X-accounts) and partnerships.

Personally, for many reasons, I’m a real believer in the future of Wirex and just wanted to say thanks.


Thank you for trusting Wirex :heart:
Have a bless day :innocent::love_letter:

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Thanks for informing us


As always :innocent::innocent:

I think it can be better if we can have a credit card asap.

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Thank you for your suggestions.