The Solana blockchain ecosystem explained

Since its inception in March 2020, Solana has reached unprecedented levels of popularity. Now firmly in the top five ecosystems in terms of developers, Solana is emerging as a major rival to Ethereum.

While Ethereum is currently still considered the go-to platform for developing decentralised projects, could that be about to change?

Let’s have a look at what Solana does, how it works and why it’s gained so many fans.

What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain platform designed to support smart contracts and the creation of decentralised applications (dapps). It aims to address the issue of scalability, which is commonly faced by blockchain technology, without compromising security or decentralisation.

The Solana blockchain can handle tens of thousands of transactions a second, using a method known as proof of history (PoH). For context, Ethereum can support roughly 13 transactions per second.

How does it work?

Solana operates on both a proof of stake (PoS) and a proof of history model. This combination helps the network achieve greater scalability and significantly lower fees than those operating on a proof of work (PoW) model, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what does it involve?

A PoS model allows validators to verify transactions according to how many tokens they hold. PoH, on the other hand, allows transactions to be verified more quickly by using timestamps. It works by creating records of exact timestamps of each movement that takes place on the network. Each node gets its own cryptographic clock that helps the network agree on the time and order of events, without having to wait for confirmation from other nodes, as traditional blockchains do.

Exploring the Solana ecosystem

Solana is much more than just a high-performance blockchain, however. It currently has over 400 projects in its ecosystem, including DeFi lending protocols, decentralised exchanges (DEXs), NFT projects, digital games and metaverse platforms.

Notable projects built on Solana include multiplayer exploration game Star Atlas and offline map app

With more and more innovative new projects making use of Solana every day, it certainly implies a bright future for DeFi.

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Solana Eco-System Competition EEA & APAC Terms & Conditions
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1. This Competition will run 10:00 (GMT) on 29 January 2022 until 23:59 (GMT) on 4 February 2022 (the “Competition Period”).
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3. Each Eligible Participant can participant in this Competition only once.
4. This Competition does not apply to UK residents.
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Pyth Network

CHAINLINK - Chainlink is an Oracle protocol that can be used for trading binary options and is capable of price updates every 400ms with Solana’s architecture, with developers using ChainLink to build DeFi assets and marketplaces.

PYTH - Pyth Network is a specialized oracle solution for latency-sensitive financial data typically guarded by centralized institutions. Pyth Network is focused on bringing this unique data on-chain and aggregating it securely. Pyth connects high-fidelity market data from the world’s largest professional traders and exchanges to any smart contract. Anywhere.

SWITCHBOARD - Switchboard is a community-curated oracle network on Solana.

BAND PROTOCOL - Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts.

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