The Wirex Mastercard & X-tras are now live!

The wait is over - the Wirex Mastercard is now available to order!

We hope you’re ready to seamlessly spend multiple currencies, earn instant crypto rewards and save on fees.

That’s not all. Our new, revamped rewards programme, Wirex X-tras, is now live, too!

X-tras brings you old favourites with a supercharged twist, like up to 2% Cryptoback™ in-store and online, as well as ground-breaking new ways to get rewarded like Savings Bonuses on your WXT balance, exclusive merchant offers and free WXT for referring your friends.

To unlock these exclusive rewards, simply choose from one of three flexible Price Plans: Standard, Premium & Elite. The higher the tier, the greater the rewards! But don’t worry - we believe crypto should be open to all. Our versatile plans mean that absolutely anyone can benefit from using Wirex.

So, which will it be? Unlock yours today!


For more details, check out our blog article HERE


Nice to see innovation! We’ll see if it’s for the better or for the worse.

What are the fees to exchange from one crypto to another inside the app? (Previously you could get 0% by just having 500k WXT.)


I received my card today but how can I activate it.
I tried to link the card on my account and when confirming my address I get message error from system saying: “we are having technical error, please try later”
Thx for urgent assistance

The new X-tras scheme is interesting. But a few things are not so clear.

  1. Received my Mastercard, activated and working. But when I try to upgrade to Premium Xtras plan (999 WXT/month), I get an error message saying “Not enough fund”, even if I have more than 500k WXT…

  2. What is the link between the amount of WXT you hold and the new scheme? Before, owning some WXT got you fees discount and cryptoback (and it still shows it in the app). But with the new plans, your cryptoback levels seem to depend only on your monthly subscription. Do you still need to hold a minimum of WXT to get some cryptoback?

When upgrading, there’s a typo in the message “… upgrade successfull!”. The word “successful” is spelled with a single “l”.


My Xtra rewards is not showing anywhere and I have the latest app update?
Is it live in the UK ?


Hi there, please can you send me a private message? Thank you

HI there, thanks for this. Please can you tell me, was this via the app store/googleplay?

It is live, What tier are you on?

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When is APAC region going live?

So far I’ve received email and in app notification, but nothing else - and rewards totally gone.

I’d like a time frame please?


Not sure what tier.
I am a Wirex crowdfund investor
Where do I find the tier ?

Ahh got it… I am tier 3 I think I hold over 500k wxt

I am a APAC user
I am still waiting and I cannot find the Wirex X-tras in the app

It keeps email me about the Wirex X-tras, I would like to join, but everytime when I click in the email, it direct to the app, but I cannot see the Wirex X-tras in my app!


Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you…

… I don’t think we’ll receive an answer until quite late… considering its almost 3am over there at the time of my writing this.

Pretty disappointing though.

I can see the remark : Pricing applies to cards issued by Mastercard.
Is the upgrade also apply to Visa card with same benefit?

I reported this issue to the live chat support. He was surprised that I cannot see the Wirex X-tras… and ask me re-install the app… but of course, nothing help.

Finally just create a ticket for me…

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Haha…yeah, I clean installed the app hoping that would fix it…but nope.

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Hopefully you guys get to see the Xtras tab soon. I don’t think I have seen a date yet for APAC. They just said in the video that they will roll it out first in the UK and EEA region and then APAC.

Let’s see if coorporate is able to give you guys an update today.


Oh man…so in APAC you might possibly have the update working correctly on iPhone?

I’m Android…so no good for me…

Anyone else chime in to confirm from APAC?

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This is still not working … I am tier 3. And I have the app updated.

I must say this forum is a mess… whoever design this need to rethink it.

It’s so complicated to send a private message… I’m still not able to do it to you Ali

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