The Wirex Mastercard & X-tras are now live!

I am still unable to activate my Mastercard. It says expiry date incorrect. I opened a ticket 3 weeks ago, ticket 317890, but this was closed without the issue being resolved or probably not even looked into, as I never got a response.
I have opened another ticket ( 385283 ). I hope it is looked at and addressed ASAP. Either fix the issue or send me a replacement card that works.
I hope this is not the sort of support we will be getting if we have other card issues.

Hi there @Bugibbian , I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing this delay.

I will flag this for you with the team. As soon as they have an update they will email you directly. Thank you

@Ali_Wirex hi Ali, what are the merchant offers mentioned in the app? How do we access these? Thanks

Hi there, can any one answer when Fiat transfers to and from master card will be working and open?, what’s the use of master card if there is no way to deposit Fiat?

would have been good to know this before purchasing plan… You are basically changing the rules after people bought the subscription.
I made last week a large purchase expecting to get 1% and got 750wxt…

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The Wirex Mastercard & X-tras are live…
But to buy car tires online does not seem to apply? :thinking: :pray::face_with_head_bandage:

Nobody been informed about limitless cryptoback…
Cryptoback was announced like infinite but actually had hidden limit…
This is the scheme of revenue, ignorance’s is money for Wirex.

I think wirex didn’t knew themselves they had limit on cryptoback :smiley: Last week I contacted chat support regarding that 750wxt cryptoback over my purchase. Chat support opened a ticket to which I got no answer (but well I am getting used to it, been like that since the beginning of the month).

So only this week, chat support which I contacted today for another purchase and the appearance of the daily limit… those wxt got a limit too…

So to me it just seems they are changing the terms of the contract we signed after we signed it without even noticing us of the change.

and speaking of limit I even discovered a 5k USD daily limit on moving crypto out of wirex… so basically they are fine moving in… but you can’t move fiat out (at least european customer and you are limited in moving out crypto…)

ps: I have been using wirex for 4 years and I was quite happy with wirex until beginning of march… but since then between helpless support, apparition without notice of new limits I am definitely considering finding a new service…

Still waiting on my card. It’s been nearly a month since I ordered mine. No support answers

Hello there @Dennis_Belajevs , I am sorry that you are experiencing this delay. Please can you share your latest ticket reference number to me so that I can flag this to the team? Thank you

Request ID
Last activity
Card delivery
38 minutes ago
Delivery taking too long
16 hours ago
Delivery taking too long
26 Mar 2021
Delivery taking too long
24 Mar 2021

Finally, today Wirex Support agent advised the DHL tracking number

Best Regards,

Hello there @Dennis_Belajevs , thank you for sharing this to me. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch again. If you still need assistance, please come back here and let me know. I will chase it again. Thank you

I have contacted the local DHL quoting the Wirex Support provided tracking
they said Wirex has indicated them the phone number incorrectly
instead of Latvian country code (+371) the phone number was with UK prefix
(+44) so they were unable to contact me…

hope for delivery tomorrow

Thank you for the update, @Dennis_Belajevs . Please keep me posted, thank you :slight_smile:

It feels like a pointless exercise but I am going to ask anyway.

@Ali_Wirex or @Anastasiia_Wirex , WHEN are we getting our Xtra rewards on our WXT balance please?

Can we have a bit more specific information rather than “you gonna get it soon.”

Also I haven’t been able to activate my wirex token in the app since your grand upgrade. This problem has never been solved with the new app upgrades.

I really hope you don’t come back to me saying that because it wasn’t activated I won’t get this month’s Xtra rewards.


Yeah, I missed a whole month before my Wirex Token randomly just decided to work very very recently. I doubt I’ll get back dated either. I hope you do!

As I was only on premium…4% APY on 100k+ WXT…meh…
But that 100k+ WXT value is now earning 12% APY on another platform!

These guys have shot themselves in the foot, and are hemorrhaging good loyal customers because of X-tras imo.

I’m basically still here as a tier 2 investor, and I’ve made my crypto gains back from my initial investment so am at peace with what potential loss will come from Wirex, and my WXT gained enough for me to hit eject! :money_with_wings:

Hi @Tolen :wave:

Regarding the Wirex Token activation problem, it is actually a bug. On the mobile app, some customers (including myself) still have the WXT tab while X-tras replaces this. If we try to click on “Activate Wirex Token”, a message says that there is a problem. I advise you to connect to the desktop version to see if the X-tras tab is operational.

In addition, Wirex Token / X-tras is not one of the accounts that can be linked to the card (it’s a shame). Here is more information about it:

Best regards!

Hi @Draw2 :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Have you ever raised this with the support team?

Feel free to post your ticket number on Support Inquiry Escalation Thread

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi guys,

Have anyone received their “loyalty” saving bonus in WXT balances???
It seems that the 12% annual bonus interest (Elite members) on our WXT balance is another thing that is not working.

I have been with Wirex since day 1 of the new rewards scheme 09 Mar 2021 and so far I haven’t been credited any interest on my WXT BALANCE. Got a ticket open… but that doesn’t mean anything nowadays

Maybe wirex should get someone from Celsius to explain them how to do this right.

Another disappointment… just adding it to the rest of it.

Hi there @Tolen , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

Ticket number : 428280