The Wirex Mastercard & X-tras are now live!

Thank you @Tolen , I will flag this to the support team now. Thank you

Come on guys… what is going on ???

Over a month with the new rewards program and where are the EXTRA SAVING ON WXT BALANCE ???

this is an absolute joke, how can you expect people to trust this company if you can’t do anything right !!!

One more time:



Can please anyone in the forum confirm if they have received their interest (saving bonus) on their WXT balance yet?

It’s been over a month and I haven’t received anything in my account and no one from Wirex seems to care or reply my messages for over a week now.

Hello there @Tolen , I am truly sorry about this. I will flag this to the support team again. If you don’t get a reply, please come back here and let me know. I will chase it again. Thank you

Hihi @ChienChien_Wirex ,

I am really disappointed with you colleagues responses… it seems they don’t understand the difference between cryptoback and the 12% Interest bonus saving in my WXT balance.

Still no resolution, please chase the “relevant team” for me.

Many thanks

Hello there @Tolen , I’ m sorry about your experience. I will pass the information to the team again. Please keep me posted as well. Thank you for your patience.

I can’t activate wxt rewards program so does I can’t upgrade. I tried several weeks since the new version

can someone please help me out?

I always have good experiences with Wirex, I hope can solve this problem soon. Thank you


Hi there @Rae_Liu , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

Again it’s been over a ffffkng month and you guys can’t get anything right.

Where is my wxt saving rewards as promised by your Mickey Mouse company ???!

I am losing my patience now !!!

@ChienChien_Wirex , @Ali_Wirex , @Anastasiia_Wirex

Do you actually solve anything ? Where is the real customer service with power to resolve customer problems.

This is an absolute disgr@ce to say the least.

Have anyone in this forum actually received any rewards on the WXT BALANCE as advertised ?

This company is becoming a joke.
You have no chance in the US MARKET.

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Hello there @Tolen , I am truly sorry about this. I will flag this to the support team again. Please let me know if you have not receive any reply. Thank you



They just took away my Xtras balance today.

This is a ffffffkng joke !!!

Where is my bonus saving ??? Am I the only one with this problem with this Mickey Mouse company ???

Any other Wirex clients have received their


As an investor, I received an email giving me an upgrade to the Premier account free for 12 months. I was told by the helpdesk that I needed to purchase this myself with wirex tokens, and the wirex would be refunded. That was 4 weeks ago, still waiting for refund. As a wirex user of many years, this is very poor. As an INVESTOR, this is incredibly poor service…

Still waiting…:confused:

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Hi there @roisterdoister , I’m sorry about the delay. If you would like it to be escalated please remember to send your support ticket reference number to the email

That is our dedicated team for fast-tracking issues.

Thank you

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I’d like ro know what rewards I will recieve for my activity?
I,ve already invited two friends. And I did not recived any reward for that. Honestly I don’nt know what are true rewards for inviting. I’ve heard about 2000 WXT tokens, I,ve also heard about £ 15 , heard about $ 5 and € 10 too. What is the right version?
It may be easier for everyone when the rules will be clear and the same. Don"t you think?
I’ve also heard about $ 5 for buing DAI coin in Wirex app.
I bought them and… nothing happend.
Can you tell me please when and what reward I will recieve for my activity?
Becouse I will. Will I?

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Hello there @Pelko , sorry for the confusion as we have various promotions for different regions going on. Could you please kindly share the promotion reward you participated so that I can assist you with my best knowledge?

Thank you


…the problem is that I do really not know what promotions I participaded. Each of them I know about - I know from messages I recieved in Wirex app or by email. I’m affraid you should check my Wirex account to know better.

I will wait for news from you.


Unfortunately @Pelko , I don’t have access to any monitor system, so I cannot give you any information on your account, nor solve your issue. Only the support team can handle account-related issues like yours. I’m really sorry there’s nothing more direct I can do for you.

Are you able to please raise a ticket with the Support team?

Please follow the instructions:

  1. Click this link:

  2. Choose your issue.

  3. Describe your issue

  4. Submit a request

Thank you and please let me know if you have further questions.

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