The Wirex Token (WXT)

What are you holding WXT for? The discounts? Enhanced Cryptoback?

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The fee discounts.

Being able to trade Nano for GBP and transfer it into my bank without any fees is incredible.


I agree with having a flexible credit or membership system that we can use to save fees, but if WXT can be listed on a NASDAQ-like exchange, and being traded and speculated like a stock, is it a security, rather than credit for perks?Is this kind of token/security registered and approved by FCA? Do Wirex and FCA know that consumers could lose money when buying WXT credits at hight prices?

Noi calcari card Wirex chiamata vieni


What is your plan about the WXT token ? Will it be becoming a stable coin with a value of $1? Or will it be kept as a kind of perk for discounts and enhanced cryptoback, as iti is now ?
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Io Calvary Wirex card vado

buongiorno a tutti

J’espère que le prix WXT va évoluer et ne pas rester une stablecoin…

Il faut procéder à un “brulage” de WXT comme certaine plateforme, Swissborg, Binance, Crypto. com afin de faire évoluer le prix…

I hope that the WXT price will evolve and not remain a stablecoin …

We must “burn” WXT like a certain platform, Swissborg, Binance, Crypto. com in order to change the price …

Price up!!! Cryptoback in wxt and price must up give money to sistem. But cryptoback must be real in wxt like buyed!!!

Avec le marché USA le prix devrait logiquement augmenter :slight_smile:

Est-ce que WXT va être listé sur d’autres exchanges ?