The Wirex Wallet: a quick guide to the app

Downloaded the Wirex Wallet but not sure what to do next? Here’s a simple guide to the app for you.

Start by opening the app and logging in. Here’s an overview of the different sections you’ll find:

  • Portfolio: here’s where you can store your crypto and NFTs. The Total Portfolio section at the top of the screen shows the combined value of all your digital assets.

  • Activity: here you’ll find a summary of any actions you’ve made in-app so far. Scroll horizontally at the top of the screen to pick between: All, Receive, Send, Buy, Swap, Approve, Earn and Security.

  • Actions: this is where all the action happens! Choose from the following icons: Receive, Send, Buy, Sell, Swap, Earn and WalletConnect. This is the place to be if you want to transfer funds, make a swap, buy or sell a token or access popular DeFi earning protocols. WalletConnect is an open source protocol that lets your wallet connect to and interact with DApps and other wallets.

  • Profile: here’s where you’ll find information about your account. You can add contacts in Contacts, set your biometric backup and find other ways to recover your account in Account Recovery, turn on 2FA in Two-factor authentication and speak to a member of the team in Support.

Still struggling to navigate the Wirex Wallet? Check out these Help Centre guides or raise a ticket with the Support Team.

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*Please note when setting up and using the Wirex Wallet, you will be prompted to check and accept the User Agreement & Privacy Policy. These may differ from the conditions you have already accepted from your existing Wirex account. To view the Wirex Wallet Terms, please visit: Wirex Wallet | Terms and Conditions