There’s new crypto on the scene!

Introducing YFI and UNI

We’re delighted to feature two more new cryptocurrencies on the Wirex app – YFI and UNI!

Both are available to buy, exchange and hold in app, plus you can spend them in real life with your Wirex card.

We love a good housewarming. So, to make these new tokens feel at home in the Wirex app, we’re offering 0% on exchange fees on both for a whole month.

Here’s what you need to know

Here’s a little insight into YFI and UNI:

YFI ( is an ERC20 token created by Andre Cronje in 2020. Yearn Finance, the platform behind it, is a decentralised asset management platform that provides a suite of products ranging from liquidity aggregation, yield generation, lending, to insurance on the Ethereum blockchain.

UNI (Uniswap) is an Ethereum token that assists users in buying and selling crypto assets in a similar manner to a traditional exchange. It was created by Hayden Adams and released in 2018.

Don’t forget about these guys!

But remember, we have plenty of other crypto available in-app! Pick an old favourite, or try something completely new!


Read the EEA T&Cs here
Read the APAC T&Cs here

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