This company is bogus

Hi everyone, I am reading complains from people and now I realize this place is actually a scam. Did anyone here get their money back? what is the legal way to chase your money, does anyone know?

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Sorry for your losss… seems you are fucked !

well, my question was if anyone got their money back. What’s your experience? Maybe that’s more helpful that telling me I am fucked.

my 15,000 euro has been lock into my wirex since 2 months …Only get Auto message from them …They said nothing about my account and my money … Now i believe this is a big Scam company … i made 3 tickets nothing was done

I think so too. It is strange that this is not visible in public. They have public Linkdn, Instagram, Twitter.
I don’t have Instagram account, so my friend left a message on my behalf on their page and the message got blocked after 2h. So they seem very efficient in blocking this to go out in the world. What is the legal way to take this further. Anyone else here having gone the same route?

I think other people having this issue should come together to make a petition against this company ruining people lives with lies… They have all my savings with them they refuse to refund my money if they want to close my account with them.

Well someone is going to be sleepless at night apart from us, don’t you worry about that. This immorality will come to an end at one point, that’s for sure.

The most ironic part is their endorsement of women’s’ empowerment on social media and “invite your friends” perks. Bizarre.
I mean who ever is behind this scam must feel (on some level at least) like the ultimate sludge on earth

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Hi guys, @salmonking @anitadobber40 firstly we are sorry to hear that you both are experiencing an issue with your account. Please know that each case is different and therefore the times that a ticket will get resolved will vary. It depends on what the actual issue is. If let’s say additional checks need to be performed or it then needs to go to another department then these will delay the times. However, having said that, all cases are resolved. We are most definitely not a scam company and we are truly very sorry to hear you feel that way. Please can you send us your support ticket reference numbers so that we can flag it with the support team? Thank you

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I am also waiting for 4 months. They blocked acaunt permanently and no refund from them.
2697125 is my ticket number.

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Thank you for sending this over to us. I have passed this onto the team and they will contact you directly to get this resolved.

@salmonking As lovely as a yacht sounds right now (for myself), rest assured our bosses are no where near them nor are they there with peoples money. If I could get your support ticket reference number I can escalate and get an update on the timeframe. I completely understand your frustration and I want to try and minimise that by getting your issue resolved. Thank you

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Well to be honest I’m afraid to give you my case number, because now I’m getting paranoid that you are all crimin&als. That’s what happens to people’s minds when you fu&k with them.


Thank you for sending your ticket numbers over. I have now passed these onto the team who will reach out to you directly to get this resolved.

Thank you for getting back to me at last. Now that you permanently close my account, how do I get my refund ? cause i personally fund my wirex account my self

I don’t know how I violated any of your terms and conditions. that’s so funny for me but well. How can I get my BITcoin back ???
because you forgot to mention my fund you held with you … How do I get my coins back ? Should I provide my external wallet? Please i need answers to my questions.

Ticket number (3009555)

Wow, so they are closing your account but not a mention how to get your money back ???

yes I got a mail that my account be permanently close but never how i will get back my 15,000euro i have on my BTC wallet? is it that strange ? something is fishing with Wirex… I think people need to be warn from the company.

All of my transfers either to a BTC address or to my mainline bank have come back as ‘Failed’ I have sent an email to their complaints department 10 days ago but have heard nothing back . I also have raised a number of tickets, but am just getting and automated reply that I must try sending during business hours (which I have) I will give them their 35 days to respond and refund my bank account or the investment company, then I will involve the FCA, ombudsman and International Fraud department (UK) in that order.

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