This company is bogus

Maybe we should do that in a group, the complaint I mean. It’s really strange what’s going on and that no legal institution is involved. Do they also tell you that they are going through “internal policy” and that’s why they can’t transfer/withdraw funds. God knows what that really means. One thing is for sure, they can’t be going like this for much longer. Eventually the truth will come out, it always does.

Thank you for getting back to me at last. Now that you permanently close my account, how do I get my refund ? cause i personally fund my wirex account my self

I don’t know how I violated any of your terms and conditions. that’s so funny for me but well. How can I get my BITcoin back ???
because you forgot to mention my fund you held with you … How do I get my coins back ? Should I provide my external wallet? Please i need answers to my questions.

Ticket number (3009555)

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I got help by mail the support and got assets back . Patience and it might sort out fast. This is a good Crypto/Fiat app . I use Wirex and i satisfied .Read TC about the refounds. Hope you get you investment back .

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I waited for more then between 4-6 mounths but got my investment back .

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Hello Kerri could you please tell me how to open a ticket…i cant seem to find how…


Hi there @Bloomdog you can open a ticket here…

Thank you

Please Attend to my ticket request (3019227)

Same for me, a lot of patience will help.

Can someone please advise how to proceed with closing the account and receiving remaining funds back?
I was talking with someone from support, but now I received a message that email is invalid.
I was assured that I will receive the funds within 4 weeks from the time I approve for closing the account.
The “internal policy” that you said will be over in 7 days is still ongoing as I can’t do any transfers.
Can we finalize this nightmare and can someone advise me correctly how to proceed ??

Hi I tried to log in from my computer on this chat and wanted to change my password and the action could not be completed, as if my account were non

I used to contact the chat directly and now I am unable to do so. The email that I could send questions i.e is now inactive and my case which was absolutely NOT solved is now closed and no longer available for modification.

This just proves over and over again that there is something incredibly fishy going on here.

I’d like to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT with an immediate effect and receive my funds to my regular bank.

I opened another ticket 3023215 to resolve this and I haven’t heard anything.

Please advise how to proceed further with closing the account.

I’m sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with your Wirex account. I have passed your ticket to the team who will reach out to you directly to get this resolved. Thanks!

Please Attend to my ticket request (3019227)