This dip was needed to reset the market. Nothing surprising

Hello! Market now is in Extreme Fear, Where are we heading next?

Leverage traders lost today +/- $2.58B ( $2,580,834,834 )


Yea you are right the initial price offering of wxt was 0.01 need to reset it to 0

:rofl: :rofl:


what are you laughing at I’m serious the price for those who bought it is stressful

You are not surprising that wxt had only negative bitcoin grow and not positive…

What the devil mechanism of wxt price

are you doing DCA?

What you mean for DCA i search on Google it was alimentar disturb!?

DCA = dollar cost averaging

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Wxt will boom :philippines::white_check_mark:

Hopefully it was the last major one for this year :sweat_smile: