Ticket #1766446

Could somebody tell me why this ticket takes so much time for solution?? Wirex team wrote this:

  1. this ticket has highest priority
  2. our team works on solution
  3. our technical support will send you e-mail when it will be solved
  4. this problem with sending currency has only few peoples
  5. We don!t know time frame of solution.

Now i know that nobody works on this solution. Because when i ask on something about this ticket the response is the one from the 5 answers listed above. Another thing is that it takes too much time for the solution. This is not acceptable for any bank what holds currency their customers. When i see another tickets in this thread, this makes me angry because there is looooot of problems with wirex - i mean: blocked cards, blocked accounts, blocked transaction, etc. Is this really common in whole world in year 2020, that some “company” what holds currency of their customers, has too much problems? I am scared of using wirex anymore

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