Topup Wirex Card

Hi I find it really difficult to topup the wirex card in Singapore. Most of the credit or debit card declined or show error when trying to link card or topup. The only one card successfully topup incur 1% processing fee which is quite frustrated.

It is good that if wirex can make it easier for Singapore user to manage the fund, whether it is topup or withdraw / transfer to bank account.


Hello @hanlong85
I am a Wirex Ambassador and I will guide you.

I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I suggest you contact the support team through the Live Chat feature on a desktop computer, or create a ticket HERE by choosing “Account top up” then “Linking local card” or “Top up failed”.

Best regards.

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OCBC visa debit card charges a 2.9% currency processing fee despite uploading SGD from SGD card, probably because they acquire SGD from overseas.

Definitely not sustainable to use Wirex in Singapore until they introduce top up with paynow. Why would I pay 2.9% commission to get 1.5% crypto back. No use…

Luckily there are alternatives who accept bank transfer. So far Wirex is not viable here…

By the way the app was mentioning to me that on visa there’s no commission: it’s misleading.
Good it was just 20 sgd

Hi Gianluca, thank you for taking the time to let us know.

Kindly note that the fee for crypto top-ups with local cards is 1%, you can also find more information regarding our fees and limits via

Unfortunately, we cannot affect the fees that are charged by your bank in this case.

I have also forwarded your feedback to our relevant department, they will consider it shortly.

Best regards!


I try Live Chat previously, but i think the answer is not helpful at all. it just ask me to check with the card provider. However, most of the Wirex competitor in Singapore DO NOT have this problem.


  1. MCO Card: i can load SGD to fiat wallet via xfer, SG Visa Debit Card with no extra charges (no processing fee as well)
  2. Luno: load SGD Fiat Wallet via xfer (no charges)

I hope Wirex can introduce alternative topup method for Singapore user. Thanks.


Dear Han, I am sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Could you please provide the reference # of the support ticket so that we could look into it for you?

Thank you in advance!

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Dear you can do the math it’s not 1%
OCBC visa debit
I purposefully didn’t choose a credit one as I know they normally have higher commissions.

This is to upload SGD not crypto btw

Hi Gianluca, I appreciate the screenshot provided.

Could you please PM me your email address (the one that is associated with your Wirex account) or please submit a ticket via and provide me with the ticket ID so that we could check this and assist you further.

Thank you in advance!

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