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Hi Vitaly,
Thanks for your answer. But I m’sorry to say I’m not satisfied with it. My question was: why 2 hours gap between the transactions was confirmed like 12 times on the litecoin blockchain and its apparition on my balance while the other two appeared instantly? Your explanation doesn’t make sense at all. You have to explain the differences in delays between confirmations on blockchain and apparition on balance. 2 small transactions appeared immediately after confirmation and the other took 2 hours. Furthermore, the 15:53 is my local clock ( UTC+1) so if your explanation was correct I would have received it at 14:53 ( 13:53 +1h…). And also it doesn’t explain why it is the first time I have this problem. So I’m not satisfied with your explanation ( it doesn’t make sense at all), and I want a correct one so I know what to expect in the future as an user. How does your system handles balances with respect to confirmations on blockchain? This is the core of my interrogations.
Thanking you in advance.

Hi @ThePab we have responded via ticket

King regards

Hi Anastasia im currently waiting on an ltc transaction to come into my wirex account. Ive got the txid and it has been confirmed but i have nothing in my account. Please can you look into this

Hello @Paige, thank you for informing us. You will be updated via ticket directly.
Have a nice day!

I have the same problem. My LTC transfer to Wirex is confirmed at the other wallet side 3/3 and market completed with a TxID nr but the funds do not show up at my Wirex account.
Problems keep mounting up:
After never seeing any refund for 3 months up till now with the previous Wirex card with double digit emails of all proof.
DAI exchange did not worked and was also not announced on the wallet page or in support. so lost 58$ in transaction fees.

And now LTC , 11.59 sent does not arrive at Wirex.

Is everything going manually confirmed at Wirex ? looks like if you read the comments.

Hi, ticket 534964. I transferred BTC but transaction still on pending. What’s going on? Please resolve the problem.
Regards, Inessa

Hi @W-crypto, please accept our apology for this situation, as I see, our agent has replied to you in the ticket. Please check it out. Have a nice day!

Dear @Inessa, thank you for reporting it. I have forwarded your request to the Support Team. You will be contacted at the nearest time. Have a nice day!

thanks for your reply.
LTC has arrived a night later as it was confirmed by the other wallet. So 1 problem less.
Please can you confirm this delay is with every coin Wirex works with compare to the blockchain confirmation time?
it is to much stress. Support told me “Usually, it takes up to 10 days for checking the card transaction.
I can not wait that long especially if there is a risk to wait 10 days. that is to much stress to handle. I won’t use LTC anymore with Wirex.

I did read on your website Wirex that Stellar XML has transaction time in seconds.
Please let me know what is the max delay Wirex has on top of Stellar blockchain confirmation?
thanks in advance

Hi @W-crypto, Wirex does not have an influence on these delays, delays with confirmation might happen either because of low ranking, fee absence, or some other Blockchain factors. In such situations, we usually advise our customers to wait (since there is nothing we can do about a transaction being unconfirmed on Blockchain). Usually, a transaction gets included in blocks within a day. Regards!

thanks Yuliia for your reply.
I wrote that the blockchain had already confirmed the transaction, but Wirex did not confirmed it.
So it is Wirex that takes more time. Maybe Wirex need to report every transaction and for that it takes 12hours more as the blockchain. I have no idea. For that I ask.

I did read on your website Wirex that Stellar XML has transaction time in seconds.
Please let me know what is the max delay Wirex has on top of Stellar blockchain confirmation?
thanks in advance

Hello @W-crypto, unfortunately, I do not have such information. Usually, XLM transactions pass without problems and quickly. Regards!

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Hola, hice dos transacciones de litecoin a mi billetera litecoin de wirex, en blockchair sale que ya esta completada y en wirex no veo nada reflejado. Por favor solucionelo cuanto antes.


HELLO :hugs:

You can create request here.

Have a good day :handshake::relaxed:

It should appeared by now sir.

Hello @Fati24, please provide us with the ticket number of your request.

Hola ya lo recibi pero hoy hice otras 2 transaciones en litecoin y siguen sin aparecer en wirex…

@Fati24 We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.