Transfer failed

Hello @spacecrew, our team is working on this issue and you will be updated by our Support team as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

We’re Glad that your satisfied :innocent::heart: And also thank you for trusting Wirex :kissing_heart:

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Happy to hear that :+1:

I have transferred usdt via cc chain and it has been more than 24 hours since it is showing pending.

Ticket no 2922344

Hello @Shlok_Mittal, we have forwarded your case to the Support team and you will be updated at the nearest time. Regards!

Not resolved yet

I transferred USDT via ERC20 yesterday but still it is pending.
Ticket number - 2923579

Hi i made a transfer with WBSC this function has dissapeared on wirex and the funds never arrived . Who can help me ? I have pics and tx hash

@Yuliia_Wirex can you please check this issue. It has been more than 50 hours now and the transfer is still in process.
Ticket no : 2922344

Hi @Akashchoukse, thank you for letting us know this here. You’ll be updated via ticket shortly. Best regards!

Hello @Santif ! Thank you for contacting us. Please submit a support request so that we are able to assist you further: Regards!

Hi @Shlok_Mittal, we can see that the transfer failed and the amount was returned back to your account. Best regards!

Hello Sir

I cannot transfer funds from my wirex(Eur) account to my bank account. It says that transaction failed and contact costumer service.

Everything was ok 2 days ago. I transfered two times the amount of131€ to my bank account, and funds were visible on my bank account in few hours.

So, everything was ok 2 days ago.

But yesterday and today I can’t transfer funds to my bank account. I always get message “transaction failed and contact costumer service”. When I’m trying to contact you through chat there is only a bot. There was also an option for live chat, that bot is giving, but after I go for live chat, nobody is there…i was waiting for an hour for reply and there wasn’t any. I also haven’t receive any email from you…

How can this problem be solved?
Is my money safe with you?

Kind regards

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Hello @Medo, sure, your funds are safe. Our Support team will update you via ticket as soon as possible. Regards!

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It’s safe.

help me I made a transfer of 2200€ on wirex the transfer failed when I was debited from my bank…
receipt 2938420
help me it’s been 5 days already

it shouldn’t be confusing to credit me

Hi @Laurent_Bonnevie, we are sorry that you have faced such a situation. We’ve passed your case to the relevant team and you will be updated as soon as it is possible. Best regards!

merci @Alexander_Wirex je vous tiens au courant lorsque le problème est résolue.
je ne comprends pas pourquoi cela mais longtemps j’espère que sa sera vite régler…

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