Transfer money in euro currency

Good morning ,
I have Problem ,

In fact, I feel uncomfortable, and I feel a lack of freedom to move with my money.
I’ve been thinking since 3 days about changing Wirex account .

I know i can send my money in GBP

Why i can’t send my money in EUR?
I want to know the real reason ???
Why Wirex can’t provide an ETA be to me regarding this ? .

Have a wonderful day to all members .


Hi @ALMUSADDAR, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I have forwarded your request to our relevant team, they will update you via the email shortly today.

You will also receive a detailed explanation of your case.

Warm regards!


I agree with this user what is the point of wirex without bank functions. I feel defrauded that I signed up expecting a real alternative to Revolut but found only a glorified crypto exchange and not the best rates either. I still pay service charges and the most concerning of all is no tome schedule which means you could be thanking me for my patience and understanding for the next 20 years. I like the idea of wirex, I like your products however I want service and not a fantasy.


Hi @pjhunt, thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Unfortunately, the outcoming bank transfers are temporarily unavailable for new users (for users who did not perform bank transfers before) because of our maintenance. More details can be found here:

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue and we are currently working hard in order to finish the maintenance as soon as possible.

Best regards!

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@pjhunt : Thank you so much .
@Yan_Wirex : Thank you so much

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You are truly welcome, @ALMUSADDAR

Wish you a great week! :slight_smile:

Hello, my ticket number is (1593466)

Why I can’t change EUR in Bitcoin?

I’ve tried several times, but only get error messages, even for small amounts.

I want to know the real reason ???

Have a wonderful day to all members .

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Hi Sabine, I apologize for the delayed response.

I have already updated you via the ticket, could you please take a look?

Warm regards!

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I have a problem! My deposit is pending from 3h! Who can help me?

Unfortunately, the exchange from euros to Bitcoin did not work again. You can see the error message in the attachment. I cannot start the Wirex app on my tablet either. After you log in with email and password, the app hangs. I have already uninstalled the app on the smartphone and tablet and then reinstalled it. But it doesn’t help.

Best wishes

Dear Yan, I have now uninstalled the Wirexapp on the smartphone and on the tablet and only installed it on the tablet. Now the app no ​​longer hangs, it works. But I still can’t exchange euros for bitcoin. Do you have any ideas as to what could be the cause? Could it be because of my personal account due to new regulations? I am very grateful for any help. many greetings and have a nice day

Hello Davide,

Our support team has already sent you an update via the ticket, could you please check?

Best Regards!

Hello Sabine, we are sorry you did not receive a prompt response to your case.

I have already contacted you via the ticket. Could you please take a look and provide a reply?

Thank you in advance!