Transfer WXT from Wirexapp to Wirex Wallet

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is there an another way to transfer WXT from wirexapp to new wirex wallet by not using the ETH blockchain because the fee is enormous ?

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I don’t work for Wirex. I have not managed to find a way do doing it yet. Not sure if this helps.

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Hello @zero0d, unfortunately, we support WXT transfers only on ETH blockchain for now, however, we are planning to add more blockchains soon.

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You can exchange it first and used another currency.

Hi, Yuliia that is great news, what other blockchains do you plan to use?

@ Palangs04, could you give an example? If i’m correct wirex uses ETH blockchain, in the past they used XML ( stellar) but i don’t know if is it possible to use Stellar to transfer any Crypto from Wirex app to Wirex wallet.

@zero0d The information provided was concerning the WXT currency.
Please, get back to us in case you need any further assistance.