Transferring pounds from Wirex GBP wallet to external ban account

Yesterday I tried to transfer British pounds from my Wirex GBP Wallet to my Natwest bank account, and the transaction was declined. I was told by Wirex support that GBP cannot be transferred from Wirex to Natwest. I don’t understand how this can be as Natwest is a main British bank. Has anybody tried to do this? Does anybody know to which British bank I can transfer GBP to from Wirex?

I also try to transfer £2500 pounds to my Lloyds Bank Account. The transaction had been declined but money has been deducted from my GBP account. I already create a ticket for 2 days and still no reply…

Very worrying…

This has happened to me too today 13th July 2019 and if it is not sorted out in the next 24 hrs i will seek legal action and contact trading standards as if a payment declines where has my money gone from my balance? this is extremely alarming and fires off massive alarms bells for me, I am now thinking i have been scammed and that wirex may not be legit company to do business with and ive never had any issues in the past ever with them, first transfer i do for something extremely important to me and i lose £2534 this has had me worried to death and caused me a lot of stress when i am ill as it is. My bank is a UK bank Halifax bank, how can £2534.20 of my money go missing from my balance because of this,.,. this absolutely sickening and i am fuming !! wirex you better sort this out or i will be contacting trading standards first thing on Monday morning!!

did u get it sorted?

did u get this sorted?