Transparency would be nice

Been with Wirex for quite some time now. And since the back end of 2019, I have been trying to withdraw my money. Spoken with Darla this evening, and basically been told I won’t get my money back if I want to withdraw to my bank account.
Guess I’m just another sucker who invested in the Wirex scam and been stung after seeing huge gains wiped out (oddly coinciding with the end of a “non-withdrawal period”) and now being told I may aswell kiss my money goodbye.

How do I withdraw money from my wirex account to my bank account? I cant find any options

From what I’ve learned over over past few days, you don’t. They constantly come up with “new maintenance” preventing you from withdrawing your own money. We all probably have to say goodbye to it!

Hello all, if you would like to withdraw your money, you can raise a support ticket by following this instruction:

  1. Click this link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account
  2. Choose your issue.
  3. Describe your issue
  4. Submit a request

Also we are working on this as we speak. There are some really amazing things in our pipeline and our product will be even better. As we go through these changes we thank you for your continued patience!