Trouble topping up account with linked card

Hi; I have been having trouble topping up my account with my linked card. I was successful initially, but now get a pending message which eventually leads to the transaction disappearing when I try to add fiat money. If I try to buy a token, I immediately get a failed message and an email about a refund. I checked with my bank and there is nothing wrong with the card on my end, and as I said, I was able to initially fund my Wirex account. Everything else works perfectly. Can anyone assist? Thanks.


Hi there, so sorry in my delayed response. I am moving this thread over to the support channel within this forum so that the support team can assist you directly. Please make sure that you have created a support ticket first, here…

Then please give that ticket number to one of our support team. Here is the channel for support on our community forum…

Thank you

Hi. From today morning, while toping up through local debit card, it says " Connection time out error " and cancels. Anyone experiencing the same

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Hello @Javi777, we see that the issue was resolved already. Regards!


Check the message

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Yes… resolved…

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Great news :blush::blush:

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