[TUTORIAL] Revolut Card Confirmation in Wirex App / Online

Anyone having trouble confirming a Revolut Card for top ups / purchases within Wirex, this should solve the problem!

Firstly, Revolut is apparently changing the confirmation code sent with the transaction to a generic one:

Wirex1234 - €8.35 - 1/1/21 (example)


Wirex4321 - €8.35 - 1/1/21 (example)

It’s the “1234” (it probably won’t actually be 1234) that you need from Revolut.

However, before trying to do the confirmation, open the in app chat in Revolut, select the transaction and when the chat opens type ‘live agent’.

Click your profile pic (top left of homescreen), the the question mark (top right).

Then select the transaction:

Then scroll down and click/tap “chat with us”:

Ask for the original code sent with the transaction and send a screenshot of the Wirex app asking for the code.

Revolut will then give you the “actual” code and you can enter this in Wirex to confirm the card and increase your limits.

If you have already used up your 3 attempts you will need to re-add the card and try again or contact Wirex support.

Hope this helps?

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Hugs, Seth

@Ali_Wirex please can you ensure the support team is aware of this as they still believe Revolut is refusing to give out the codes. I’ve sent you a PM with both Wirex and Revolut support chats.


Dear @seth, may I ask you to specify your ticket number so we could check and update your account?

If you did not raise the request to the support team yet, you can create a ticket here Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone or in the Wirex app.
Please choose the “account top-up” then “confirming linked card”. Please do not forget to specify the email associated with your profile and submit the request.

Kind regards

Dude…did you actually read his post? :face_with_monocle:

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At least they’ve started responding within the month…

Can somebody just let me go train these guys and run this department for 3 months? I would do it just for room and board, just to prove a point…

@Vitaliy_Wirex thanks for the rapid response, but providing support for support of support isn’t really support, especially when that support of the response to the originally poor support only really highlights the unbelievably poor support. Now please go read the definition of support and my original post :point_up: and share this lesson with your coworkers so that nobody else who works for the company I have invested in makes themselves or my investment look anymore like a circus.

@Ali_Wirex I am losing the will to live. Please as usual pass on my sentiments to anyone who might have some control over this company… :weary:

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Hi @seth :wave:

Thanks for doing this! I allow myself to modify the title slightly so that we know that it is a tutorial. :+1:

Best regards!

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Dear @seth, thank you for your feedback.

Please be advised that you have 5 attempts to enter the correct code. There is no need to unlink the card if you have used only 3 attempts.

I confirm that it is recommended to contact the card provider if the code is not reflected or reflected incorrectly in your linked card statement.

Best regards

I’d like to add some feedback to this response…and then :zipper_mouth_face:

Some people won’t care, but you guys have to realize how this response looks to some.

It is exactly what you see in the forum in terms of the “generic response” complaints that flood the forum!

I’m in two frames of mind here:

  • Is this time wasted responding to something that didn’t require responding to if you had just read the post, that could have been spent on time responding to one of the many issues that really required a response?


  • Was no time wasted because you blatantly cut and paste a generic template?


Dear @seth,

We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience. Your honest feedback helps us to improve our service and make our customer experience as flawless as possible.

We have forwarded this to our relevant team for further consideration.

Warm Regards!

Finally a decent response! Thank you @Anastasiia_Wirex, having received two emails still telling me I am wrong, from your colleagues, I was beginning to get more than a little annoyed.

Glad to be of some help!


Yeah no worries!

Dear @seth, I am sincerely sorry to hear about this.

I have just escalated your request to our support team and they will provide you with an update asap.

Best regards!

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Great work ! Good tutorial !:slight_smile:

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