Two important questions, still not answered!



A) From the beginning of the entire investment process investors have been promised a SHARE CERTIFICATE, but instead of a share certificate I recently received a ‘Statement of Beneficial Ownership’. This is not a share certificate. Indeed Crowcube have been made the LEGAL OWNERS of what I thought was my share holding? Even in your latest ‘Update’ you are still talking about our SHARES and CERTIFICATES. All I have is a Statement of Beneficial Ownership. I feel very mislead. You promised SHARE CERTIFICATES, so when are we going to receive them?

B) As an owner why am I not getting the ELITE Membership instead of the PREMIUM for the first year? Also as a early investor should I not be grandfathered? Or at least get the best membership option not the second best?

PS. Also a suggestion. The WIREX Token can now not be looked at as the rest of the cryptos, instead if I want to know the current value I need to do a “exchange maneuver” as if I wanted to exchange them. Seems awkward to me, as if you no longer want the token to be looked upon as a currency at all? I think you should get a to a situation where the token has a dollar value attached to it as before without having to do this maneuver.