Two outgoing Litecoin payments pending/stuck

This happened before not even 2 weeks ago and wirex does it once again.

Both outgoing Litecoin payments are pending and they won’t get processed. Because its a technical issue in the wirex wallet. I told this to the customer service representative (Anna) and she refuses to create a ticket for me. She says I have to wait 24 hours. We all know this is a technical issue and the fact the customer service representative is saying this so disgusting. This has nothing to do with the Blockchain (network).

Her words;

Kindly wait while the system completes the transaction. Usually, it doesn’t take a while. Transfers are almost instant However, sometimes, due to the high system load also, the wait time can be longer.
​Please let us know if the transaction is not completed after 24 hours from the creation.

Unfortunately, we are not able to speed up this prosses.
Please let us know if the transaction is not completed after 24 hours from the creation.

Last time it took wirex 3 days before my issue was resolved. This is how terrible wirex’ service is.

I created the tickets myself. Because wirex staff is too lazy to do it for me.




@purplegorilla We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

Forwarded them to the support team? Why don’t you forward them to the technical team. Because its the same issue as last time. Technical issue in the wirex app causing this problem with pending outgoing transfers.

Did you actually read my message? Support is trash. They don’t provide any sort of help. They copy-paste standard replies and they keep lying to the customers. Either train them accordingly or just don’t even offer live chat. Might as well talk to a wall.


Again your customer service representatives (Bohdan) tell me to wait 24 hours after creation of the transfer. You know it’s a technical issue. Instead of taking care of this matter, you guys are testing the customers patience. This is just ridiculous.

The funniest thing is that it’ll be Saturday after the 24 hours and you know what? Saturday and Monday are Easter. So you’re basically telling the customer to wait 96 hours total hahahahaha

Such a joke of a company. Ruining people’s day by holding money that’s not even yours. You don’t know how important these transfers are and you guys are playing with people’s life as if it’s nothing.

I’m a long time customer and wirex made thousands of euros off me. And they can’t even offer some decent service. I’ll make sure everyone knows about this. I will inform the financial ombudsman, FCA and also Trustpilot.

Sunday and Monday*

@Nx-yen they won’t solve your case. They will just let you wait longer and longer. They’re waiting until it’s Saturday, so they don’t have to provide you any help. Because Sunday and Monday is Easter. In other words; wirex doesn’t care and they will let you wait minimum 96 hours until they will cancel the pending transfer.

I’d recommend you to complain about it at wirex by writing them a formal email. Aside from that, please contact the financial ombudsman, FCA (financial conduct authority) and write a honest review on Trustpilot about wirex’ incompetent staff.

It’s a lot of money we are talking about and they’re dealing with it like it’s nothing. They done know how important these transfers are and the fact they charge customers insane fees and can’t deliver when it comes to service is just disgusting.

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@purplegorilla We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.