Two transaction is "pending"

@Professerx I expect this to be done with business day. However, there are a lot of requests at the moment, so this may take 1 more day. However, I’ll do my best from my side to speed up the process for you. Thank you.

@Alexander_Wirex @Maryna_Wirex My transaction pending BNB dropped 750 dollars. I am really sad about it. Now I got the email said transaction was cancelled, but didn’t get BNB into account.

BNB is back now.

@lone_wolf I am glad to let you know that your transfer was successfully voided and the amount was added to your account. Regards!

@tallplay Thank you for the updates. We are sorry that the internal issue happened this time. We’ll do our best to avoid them in the future. Regards!

Thanks, I just tried to transfer another one. And it succeeded immediately.


Thank you for pulling through, although i wish it could have been sone about two days earlier…
I really appreciate it!


@Professerx It was a pleasure for me. Do not hesitate to get back to us at any time.