UK accounts suspension

Can anyone tell me whether the temporary suspension of activity on UK accounts announced end March is still active?
If so, any idea regarding likelihood of restoration?
This was done to enable FCA compatibility.

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Hello there @Rob767 , regarding the FCA situation, the team is working on it. We are making sure all necessary checks and updates are done. We will making an announcement to all UK users as soon as all is good. Thank you for your patience.


Hello ChienChien
Thanks for the update…hope this will be resolved soon.


Hello @Rob767 , anytime! Please let us know if you have further questions :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed on this!! I have some friends in the UK that would love to jump in to action as soon as this gets resolved :100:

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I’m a tier3 UK Investor with a suspended account. You want me to verify again, well I don’t see why I should.

What is wrong with Wirex? I haven’t been able to transfer my gbp for months and now you have locked my account without any warning and it contains my eth! Can Wirex simply return my assets and shut my account as I cannot deal with Wirex any longer! Billy

Still haven’t heard back from support after dozens upon dozens of emails!! You have not only frozen my gbp for months you have now locked my account completely so I can’t get too my eth either! It’s been like this for weeks! No warning whatsoever!! For the 5th time just return my assets and shut the account!! I do not want to deal with you any longer as Wirex is completely incompetent!! Billy

Wirex has no right whatsoever to withhold my assets! Locking my account with no warning and refusing to simply return my assets and close my account!!! They deserve to be reported to the FCA!!

My account has been locked for 4 months!! And support no longer replies to my emails. On top of that I am a shareholder too!! I fully understand your frustration and anger Billynicholls. What a dreadful company this is - Wirex sucks!!

Hello there @JB6241 , sorry for the late reply. I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

Hello there @Billynicholls , am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. I will chase your ticket with the support team again. They will get back to you as soon as they have an update. Thank you for your continued patience.

Hello there @sveinbom , could you please share your latest ticket reference number so that I can chase it up for you with the support team? Thank you

Hello Wirex,

Thank you so much for your reply. I am really grateful - and this gives me some kind of optimism that this sad case hopefully will be solved very soon.

This is the case: I received an email from Wirex on February 23rd. I tried to reply to this email as well as I could, but that was not at Wirex’ satisfaction obviously so they decided to lock my account. Sadly I cannot find a ticket number for this case.

To start off with, support replied with this answer: “Please be sure, the relevant team is looking into the case. We will notify you immediately once there is an update”.

I have tried to get the relevant team to contact me so that I can communicate with them, but that is like talking to the wall…

But I have sent several messages to Wirex support with these ticket numbers:




Somebody called Anton replied to start off with, but has stopped answering me…

I did open a support ticket prior to this case which was about a payment that I made from my Wirex account. The thing is that I received an error message saying “please try again later”. So I did, but to my surprise the first payment that I received an error message on also went through successfully. So I ended up paying $1000 twice!! The ticket number for this is 153424.

If this is holding back the opening of my account then I am willing to cancel this ticket so that I can access my account again. Would that be possible?

As a shareholder (Crowdcube) I think I should be treated in a better way. But if Wirex don’t want me as a member then please send the funds I have, including the Crowdcube payment to this BTC address:


Looking forward to hearing from you again. This is so frustrating dear Wirex so please let us make an end to this sad case - PLEASE!

Svein Bomberg

tir. 29. jun. 2021 kl. 10:54 skrev ChienChien_Wirex via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <>:

Hello there @sveinbom , thank you for sharing this and I am truly sorry about your experience. I will personally chase this up for you with the support team again. Please keep me posted. If you don’t get a reply, please come back here and let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.

This was done to enable FCA compatibility.

No your license was SUSPENDED. Stop lying to your customers. I have my case against you with the UK Ombudsman. They have received HUNDREDS of complaints against your Wirex company.

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Hello again,

Another week has gone without any replies or messages from the relevant team. Did you get in touch with them? What did they say? How much longer do I need to wait for the account to reopen? Do I need to do anything in order to make this happen? Could you please let me know what is happening?

I really don’t know what to do. This is so frustrating!! I might have done things in the past that are not 100% correct according to rules and regulations. This is due to lack of knowledge. I have learned my lesson now - so could you please open my account?? Or just send the funds I have, including the payment for Crowdcube and including the funds I have on Wirex Token to the BTC address I gave you earlier?

I guess Wirex don’t want me as a member any longer. That is fine - I can live with that. But please let me access my funds so that I can go on with my life - PLEASE.

Svein Bomberg

tir. 29. jun. 2021 kl. 15:10 skrev ChienChien_Wirex via Wirex Community - The Latest Feedback & Discussion | Wirex <>:

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Dear @maeserati99,

Kindly check the following link for more details: Temporary changes for UK customers


Hello @sveinbom, We are sincerely sorry for your unpleasant experience.

Your case has been escalated to the highest priority and you will be updated via the ticket as soon as possible.

Best Regards!


I have not been looking into the current regulatory aspects of cryptocurrency & how they affects app services like yours, etc… I do not know whether the crimping of the use of the app now is affecting all other crypto apps. but one thing I do know is that it is in direct odds with the point of crypto in the first place.

Which is to literally hand a decentralised monetary based personal finance system into the hands of anyone who wishes to do so, I didn’t just come to Wirex, I came to the crypto world, on the sole intention on having full control over the options that were available to me, however, that at the moment is not the case, & let me address the pink elephant in the room, a very big pink elephant, the ‘only’ reason why we are not allowed to ‘add funds, is because there is ’ potentially’ a big spike in crypto yet to come, and the banking industry, the politicians & the elite 1% do not like that, they don’t want the rest of us getting in on the action, because it is a exclusive sandwich that they have, & they don’t want anyone else taking a bite.

The wheels were set in motion in the 2008 financial collapse for crypto, and you would of thought by now, what with social media & crowd funding that there would not be any barriers put in front of the small common man, but do not underestimate the power tentacles of the 1% people, they are behind any & all of the frustrations that you are now having with your small slice of the crypto pie.

If this situation is not resolved soon, I will look to see if there is any other crypto service that is currently out of reach of the 1%, but I have my doubts.

Remember people, they are more scared of you, than we are of them, you just have to already know it.